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Hors d'oeuvres Social

4:30 pm at the Armington Center


• Interact personally with Dr. Grandin and ask questions.

• One-on-one contact with therapy providers from all over Illinois.

• Network with other parents and professionals.

With purchase of a ticket to the Hors d'oeuvres Social, you will also receive a ticket for a dessert at the the dessert social and book signing following Dr. Grandin's 7:00 pm presentation. Proceeds will go to the FAYCO Foundation; your donation is tax deductible.


**The ticket to the social does not inculde the evening's presentation and must be purchased separately.

6:00 pm at Crum Recreational CenterAlternative Therapy Speakers

"Different Not Less: Opportunities to Succeed" An Evening with Dr. Temple Grandin

$45/person (Includes the therapy speaker presentations at 6:00PM as well as Dr. Grandin's presentation at 7:00PM)

*6:00 pm Learn more about the benefits of riding therapy and animal assisted therapy (AAT)

 * 7:00 pm Presentation by Dr. Grandin

"Different Not Less: Opportunities to Succeed"

  After Dr. Grandin's presentation, we invite you back to the Armington Center for desserts (for purchase) and a book signing by Dr. Grandin. Please also take this time to ask questions of our therapy providers and meet other parents and teachers.

This event is open to everyone looking for a positive outlook on living with any disability, not just autism.

Thursday, May 23, 2013
4:30 pm ~ Hors D'oeuvres Social
6:00 pm ~ Therapy Speakers
7:00 pm ~ Presentation
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About our Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Temple Grandin, .... 

Dr. Grandin didn't talk until she was three and a half years old, communicating her frustration instead by screaming, peeping, and humming. In 1950, she was diagnosed with autism and her parents were told she should be institutionalized. She tells her story of "groping her way from the far side of darkness" in her book Emergence: Labeled Autistic, a book which stunned the world because, until its publication, most professionals and parents assumed that an autism diagnosis was virtually a death sentence to achievement or productivity in life.

Dr. Grandin has become a prominent author and speaker on the subject of autism because "I have read enough to know that there are still many parents, and yes, professionals too, who believe that 'once autistic, always autistic.' This dictum has meant sad and sorry lives for many children diagnosed, as I was in early life, as autistic. To these people, it is incomprehensible that the characteristics of autism can be modified and controlled. However, I feel strongly that I am living proof that they can" (from Emergence: Labeled Autistic).

Even though she was considered "weird" in her young school years, she eventually found a mentor, who recognized her interests and abilities. Dr. Grandin later developed her talents into a successful career as a livestock-handling equipment designer, one of very few in the world. She has now designed the facilities in which half the cattle are handled in the United States, consulting for firms such as Burger King, McDonald's, Swift, and others.

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is now the most accomplished and well-known adult with autism in the world. Her fascinating life, with all its challenges and successes has been brought to the screen. She has been featured on NPR (National Public Radio), major television programs, such as the BBC special "The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow", ABC's Primetime Live, The Today Show, Larry King Live, 48 Hours and 20/20, and has been written about in many national publications, such as Time magazine, People magazine, Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, and New York Times. Among numerous other recognitions by media, Bravo Cable did a half-hour show on her life, and she was featured in the best-selling book, Anthropologist from Mars.

Dr. Grandin presently works as a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. She also speaks around the world on both autism and cattle handling. At every Future Horizons conference on autism, the audience rates her presentation as 10+.

For more information about Dr. Temple Grandin, visit her website at:

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Presented by the  FAYCO Foundation

FAYCO Enterprises Inc., serving Fayette, Bond, Montgomery, Jefferson and adjacent counties is a private not-for-profit chartible and tax-exempt corporation-501(c)3-which was developed to provide the experience, training, and opportunity for a person with a disability to take their own productive place in their community.

It is the philosophy of FAYCO Enterprises that participants are partners with staff in planning their individual person centered program plan.

To serve this philosophy, our agency will work with each individual to both plan for and provide a system of referral, advocacy, education, vocational evaluation, job placement, work services training and family support.

FAYCO Enterprises Inc., is supported in its work by the activities of FAYCO Foundation,Inc..

FAYCO has a fully operational manufacturing plant where products are made. Manufacturers are afforded a valuable annex to their facilities to help meet the demands of their contracts. To find out how your business can benefit from this program, check out our "Products" and "Industrial Project" links.


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