The first class is September 21st with one-on-one appointment prior.  



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Driving Directions 


Your Friends at The Community Garden Center @ Pinder's Nursery 
The Community Garden Center @ Pinder's Nursery 

Exploring the Food Plan Frontier 


Are you:
  • Feeling overwhelmed often?
  • Sweating at bizarre times?
  • Feeling foggy?
  • Tired all the time?
  • Struggling with mood?
  • Experiencing anxiety and/or itchiness?
  • Hypervigilant and unable to sleep soundly?
  • Dealing with irregular bowel habits?
  • Stressed out by heart palpitations?
  • Feeling sick or "off"  but your doctor has told you that your labs are normal?


At full price, this program costs $795 and that includes the many supplements you will receive!

Register before midnight on Monday, September 9th and Save $300! EXTENDED....

Register by MIDNIGHT on Friday the 13th to pay only $495!

Register by September 13th & Save $300! We also have payment plans available! 

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Do you know what you could be doing but feel unable to start? 

Have you tried what worked for your friends or coworkers and found it didn’t help you? 

Do you intuitively know that you can find a natural path in harmony with what your body wants to restore your well-being?


If you have always known there might be a natural approach to addressing these symptoms, you're right!  

Let's work on it together, in a one-of-a-kind 5-week  program designed to guide you through an exploration of the foundations of your health.

What makes Exploring the Food Plan Frontier unique? 

  • It's clinician guided so you'll receive a medical intake including biometrics, measurements and a personalized supplement plan.  
  • We've combined in-person learning, one-on-one coaching calls, Facebook Live Q&A sessions, and online learning to make it convenient for you and to ensure your success!
  • We'll span topics from Self-Care to Macronutrients to Guided Food Reentry.  Every question will be answered!

Nearly everyone sees some improvement in symptoms when they complete this elimination plan.  Of those people who experience improvement, many have 100% reduction in symptoms- proving all they needed to return to feeling like their old self was to change up the food they were eating!  We'll show you how.


Classroom Session #1, September 21st

In this class, we'll discuss how to read labels, how to clear out your kitchen and rid your pantry of what won’t serve your body.  We'll share where to buy healthy food items and lifestyle tools cheaper.  We'll also discuss beginning some rituals around how to build a day that supports your self-care.  You'll leave with some important homework.

Classroom Session #2, September 28th

A cooking demonstration of healthy meals of whole fresh food, advance  prep techniques and batch cooking.  We'll introduce the actual exploration of food- the actual elimination diet- this launches the program. You'll leave with a Grocery List and menu plan- Everything you need to start the elimination program on Monday!

By eliminating the most common food triggers of inflammation and immune response, you will give your body space to start to heal. Many people feel better by the end of the second week. Some lose weight.

Classroom Session #3, October 19th

This class is essential to learning the most important lessons regarding what food helps your body heal, and what foods may be feeding hostile inflammation. Together we will map out the re-entry of each food group and evaluate your responses. You will benefit from a series of coaching calls throughout the re-entry period.