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Saturday March 23, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM MDT

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Noah's of Lindon 
644 N. 2000 W.
Lindon, UT 84042

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Lindon, UT 3.23.13

Would you like to take your business to the Diamond Level?

Learn how from some of doTERRA's most successful business builders.


Duplication – Make it Big                        Justin Harrison, Presidential Diamond & Master Founding IPC

How to Properly Start a New IPC             Teresa Harding, Presidential Founding Diamond

Wealth – Hidden in Plain Sight                Marc Garrett, Blue Diamond

How to Fill an Event                               Nicole Larson, Blue Diamond

The Law of Leadership                           Kiersten Kirschbaum, Blue Diamond

Stand in Your Cause                             Casey Robertson, Diamond

The doTERRA CPTG Comp Plan            Eric Larsen, Presidential Diamond & Master IPC

Pathway to Diamond                              Patrick Sedivy, Presidential Diamond

Making Money with Your Mouth              Darren Gates, Diamond

Action, Belief, Success Formula             Laura Jacobs, Presidential Founding Diamond




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Meet Our Presenters

Justin with computer

Justin Harrison, Presidential Diamond & Master Founding Distributor

Justin and Keri Ann Harrison, along with their six young boys, are living their dream—all because they took a total leap of faith several years ago. After resigning from his position as director of sales at a large, international network marketing company, he was considering many different career options. With the support of his wife Keri Ann, Justin committed their future to dTERRA. Although this was a leap of faith for the young, growing family, they leaped with confidence. “It was scary to leave security, benefits, and a salary. People thought we were crazy, but we knew it was the right move,” explained Justin. Both Justin and Keri Ann agree that the sacrifice in the beginning was worth it. dTERRA has allowed them to not only gain financial independence but to also help serve others in ways they had only dreamed of.


Eric Larsen

 Eric Larsen, Presidential Diamond & Master Distributor

Heads started to turn as Eric Larsen, the former CEO of a large global direct selling company, decided to become a dTERRA distributor. Eric Larsen, who has spent more than 20 years of his career working, consulting, and growing direct selling companies is convinced that dTERRA is poised to be one of the “great ones”. Eric first heard of dTERRA while working for another multi-level marketing company. He was tracking the progress of other competitive companies and was blown away by dTERRA’s raising success.  He was certainly intrigued by the company’s mission to share Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils with the world. After meeting with dTERRA’s executives, Eric decided to sign as an Independent Product Consultant and partnered with Justin Harrison, dTERRA’s Founding Master Distributor. Eric’s experience reaches far beyond the U.S. Together with his wife, Andrea, and their three children they have lived abroad in Toronto, Hong Kong, Taipei, Mexico City, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. Eric believes his most important role is as a husband and father. Andrea has supported Eric as they travelled abroad and she continues to support him in dTERRA. Both Eric and Andrea love dTERRA oils and use them on a daily basis.


Teresa Harding Teresa Harding,  Founding Presidential Diamond

 Teresa was the first of Justin Harrison's distributors to earn a spot in the founders club for the United States and Canada. She leads the largest team in doTERRA and has trained the highest ranking leaders in the company. She has more high ranking IPC’s on her team than any other leader. She loves teaching, training and helping people empower themselves with Essential Oils. 

She loves the oils but she loves her family even more. Teresa works hard to make sure her family comes first in her life. She is married to the love of her life, Roger Harding who is the best Dentist she has ever had. She has three sons of whom she is very proud.  Her goals are to share the oils around the world and train people to gain financial success through sharing Essential Oils. 


Laura Jacobs Laura Jacobs,  Founding Presidential Diamond

Laura and Jerry Jacobs have always been driven to serve their community and those around them. Laura started her journey with natural medicine as a healer in her own home. Her success inspired her to become a holistic health practitioner. She has cared for thousands of clients at her own health and wellness center over the past 15 years.

 Laura has been influential in many people’s lives as she has always encouraged lifestyle changes that create permanent results. Laura’s global campaign, ‘a healer in every home,’ is her driving mission as she continually expands her sphere of influence. Laura is fully dedicated to sharing doTERRA and loves how doTERRA essential oils so beautifully empower individuals to become healers as well as. She finds no greater joy than in her home life with her husband, Jerry, and five amazing children. 

Patrick Sedivy Patrick Sedivy, Presidential Diamond 

 Patrick and Alyse Sedivy are entrepreneurs at heart and have always had the confidence to accomplish things that others think are impossible. Early in their marriage, while Patrick pursued his degree in civil engineering, he helped Alyse open and operate Alyse’s Bridal. Their success in this business allowed them the financial freedom to move their family to the Czech Republic, the country of Patrick’s heritage.

 While in the Czech Republic, the Sedivy’s saw the need for a computer program to help local students learn English. Patrick develped such a program, implemented it in over 700 schools, and started a foundation to provide Czech students educational opportunities.

  Upon returning to the U.S., the Sedivy’s realized they wanted to create a business that would generate residual income. They recognized that the combination of dTERRA’s impressive product line and owners who displayed integrity, along with their impeccable timing truly was a unique opportunity that they needed to act on.

 From the beginning, Patrick and Alyse have set goals to be top earners. Patrick and Alyse are passionate about educating everyone they meet and sharing the benefits of essential oils with the world. They are on a mission to “reinvent health care worldwide”

Marc GarrettMarc Garrett, Blue Diamond 

 Marc and Jenn took what could have been a casualty and produced a truly remarkable success story. They had many reasons why dTERRA shouldn’t have worked for them. They didn’t know oils or network marketing. They had no entrepreneurial experience or money. To top it all off, they had six children under the age of ten. Despite all these variables holding them from success, Marc and Jenn had something that could combat it all. They believed. They believed in both themselves and dTERRA. Once they believed, they were able to take action. They quickly learned dTERRA is all about building strong relationships. They were able to look to their leaders for support, as well support others who were just staring their journey and help raise up a strong team of leaders. Through their hard work they have been able to journey to a place with their family where weekdays don’t exist. They have the time and freedom to support and nurture their children in every capacity they desire. They absolutely love being able to invite those around them into that same reality. Marc and Jenn have created their dTERRA business together as a couple and find strength in sharing the same vision.

Kierston KirschbaumKiersten Kirschbaum, Blue Diamond

Kierston is a mother of 3 who earned her bachelors at San Diego State University.  Graduating Cum Laude in Business Management, Kierston has managed investment banking companies, sold and invested in real estate and become a dynamic leader.  "To be part of such a great company at such a great time is truly a blessing and I'm ecstatic to see so many people’s lives change." Kierston is a passionate leader with refined marketing, personal development skills and is committed to spending her time educating and sharing with people how they can reinvent their own health care through essential oils.

Nicole LarsonNicole Larson, Blue Diamond Founding IPC

Danny and Nicole Larson have always been concerned about their family’s health, and were using essential oils before they were even introduced to dTERRA. They didn’t expect to find anything unique within dTERRA essential oils, but as Nicole explains, “We were blown away by how powerful the essential oils were and how quickly they worked. It was a different experience from what we were used to.” Persistence and perseverance have proved to be critical in the Larson’s success. In the early stages of their dTERRA business, the Larson’s made many personal sacrifices to stay on the Loyalty Rewards Program. They knew this would keep their momentum strong and pay off in the future. The empowerment that dTERRA has offered the Larson’s is well worth any sacrifice they made in the beginning. Nicole explains, “We feel empowered and that is our message to others. We lived on a busy street and it wasn’t safe for our children to play outside. We worried about the mortgage payment and our grocery bill. We cried and worried through countless hospital visits with our children. We know what it is like to feel helpless. dTERRA takes that feeling and turns in into empowerment.”


Darren GatesDarren Gates, Diamond

He was to busy to get me a bio. He is a great guy and you will learn a lot from him. 

Casey RobertsonCasey Robertson, Diamond

Casey Robertson was brought in to doTERRA by his wife, Melissa Robertson, who hit Silver in her first 45 days.  Having a powerful personal experience with the oils and Lifelong Vitality supplements, and belief in the business opportunity, he quickly partnered with Melissa and together they have committed to building their business full-time.   Their team spans the United States and reaches 18 countries worldwide.   Casey and Melissa have been married 10 years and have three beautiful daughters, with a fourth daughter due in July. 


We will be providing a selection of box sandwich lunches from Apple Spice Junction.  

All Lunches include: Pasta Salad, fresh cut veggies, bag of chips, and a sweet treat and the one of the following sandwiches

Club: Oven roasted turkey breast and Virginia baked ham topped with bacon, cheddar & provolone cheese on honey wheat bread.

Breast of Turkey: Oven roasted, tender white turkey breast and Swiss cheese piled high on fresh  baked honey wheat bread.

Cashew Chicken: Tender chunks of chicken breast blended with cashews and sweet celery, seasoned to perfection on sourdough bread.

Vegetarian: Sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, green peppers and sprouts with provolone & cheddar chees on honey wheat bread.

Lunches will be given first come, first serve. We can not guarantee a selection. We will not be providing individual or specialized lunches. If you have special dietary need that would not be met by these selections, please bring your own box lunch.