Wednesday, April 29, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM EDT
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Molly Mitchell 
in partnership with Annapolis Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) Coalition 

How to Improve Your Profits and Protect Your Customers 
by Gregg Hanour, bar owner for 20 years and founder of Bar Optimizer  
Wednesday, April 29
10 AM-1 PM

The in-person format of this Training Program has been approved by the Comptroller of Maryland.


 - Protect your liquor license and city permits

 - Optimize bar profits

 - Guard Against insureance claims

 - Reduce customer churn (loss of customers)


After the training, each bar owner will receive a customized Management Alcohol Plan (MAP) that defines activities specific to managing and serving alcohol responsibly, including 

- Before You Serve Alcohol Policy and Procedure
- Checking Identification Policy and Procedure
- Cutting Off Customers Policy and Procedure
- Drug-Free Environment Policy and Procedure

Hear What Participants Say

“I highly recommend every bar owner to complete Gregg's training. The training demonstrates how the over-serving of alcohol costs the bar more in the long run than any short-term gains. Gregg’s insights into general liability insurance expenses and security policies have changed our customer care policies. His use of research studies to explore bar shrinkage has led us to significantly reduce the amount of liquor that is over poured, while at the same time, making our business more profitable.” --Larry Houser, Owner, Bourbon Street (Fullerton)

“Gregg's seminar was full of useful information and firsthand knowledge from an experienced operator. The unique concepts backed by thorough research and statistics have proven that you can truly increase the bottom line across several expense line items while adhering to his serving responsibly program - a real eye opener for our management teams.” --Dan Bradley, Managing Partner, Memphis Group (Memphis, Tin Lizzie)

“I went in to Gregg’s course expecting the same redundant speech I’ve heard in most alcohol service classes. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least, by how insightful and informative the course was. He uses his own research and first-hand experience to illustrate not only how good serving and pouring practices help keep a business running smoothly and keep up its accountability to the public and the law, but also how remarkably more profitable a business can be just by adhering to responsible serving practices. I highly recommend his course.” --Sara White, General Manager, Black Bull Chophouse

For over 20 years, Gregg Hanour owned and managed iconic nightspots in Orange County, California. He is author of the book 
A Business Approach to Reducing Drunk Driving and is a member of Orange County and statewide DUI task forces.