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Jaclyn Vigeant 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012 from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM PST (7:30 PM to 8:30PM EST)

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       Super 8 Weddings Teleseminar!

While brides of the 80’s and 90’s were all about being shot on video, the past null10 years have shown a huge resurgence toward creating montage wedding footage on Super 8 film. Maybe nostalgia is the driving force in this new twist. Or maybe part of the reason for this resurgence comes from the greatly expanded repertoire of film stock in the market.  But with tough competition from digital choices, super 8 wedding films today have definitely gone boutique.

There are many reasons why popular wedding photographers and “videographers” are choosing to shoot on film vs. digital today.

On Wednesday, June 20, join us for a free teleseminar where we will be talking to some of our amazing wedding clients about why brides (and grooms!) are in love with the Super 8 format, and why choosing film over digital in this "digital era" is creating an amazingly successful Super 8 opportunity. Many of Pro8mm's regular wedding filmmakers are now featured in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Elle, Brides Magazine, The Wedding Channel, DIY bride and the wedding forums and blogs for their gorgeous, timeless work shot on Super 8 film.


Meet our guest speakers!

nostalgiaShanna and Michael Pharis founded Nostalgia Film in 2010. Both have a background in and love of film, and during the course of planning their own wedding, they fell in love with the idea of capturing weddings and other events on the nostalgic and timeless medium of Super 8 film that both remembered from their childhoods. Michael has been a videographer, video/audio engineer, and has worked in video production for more than 14 years so it was a natural fit. He has shot thousands of live events, independent film, music videos and concerts, as well as weddings. Shanna brings her creative eye and background in journalism, design, photography, as well as her passion for weddings to the venture. She fell in love with Super 8 while studying film as an undergrad and made her first film on black and white Super 8 film in the late '90s. She has worked in both print and online journalism and web design/development as well. 

Nostalgia Film Samples on Vimeo:


carrCarr Video Productions is an Alabama based event videography company that was founded by Chris Carr, a former independent filmmaker. While producing band demos, commercials, and corporate projects is not uncommon for this company, their speciality is wedding films. This all came to fruition as a result of them watching a host of their friends' wedding videos and seeing a need for something different. While most of these videos were of professional quality, it was apparent that the wedding video market was flooded with companies offering traditional, dramatic styles of videography scored to cliche, sappy melodies. None of them had the "edge" that the Carr Video staff had come to enjoy as both filmmakers and film watchers. They saw these videos as an indication that a wedding filmmaking service was needed that could provide newlywed couples with a style of cinematography that they would enjoy if they were in the couple's shoes. Thus, Carr Video Productions was born. If a more traditional style is the client's preference, they can certainly accommodate them. However, their goal and passion is to reach beyond the realm of traditional "videography" and instead provide their clients with custom "cinematography" that is original, fun, and exciting. Their wedding films are personalized and aimed at capturing the current generation's sensibility and style while maintaining the timelessness of romance and love. With the recent addition of Super 8 wedding films to their list of options, achieving this goal is more possible than ever before.    

Carr Video Productions on Vimeo:


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