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Team Binary
Binary Solution LSAT Prep

FREE 2-Day Preview @ NYU

Saturday, 4/13/19  @ 2:30p- 5p and

Sunday, 4/14/19  @ 2:30p- 6:30p 

Don't Just Take the Test,

2/16for, Wed  

Master the Binary Games Algorithm
  This 2-day preview will be taught by Eva Lana Silver, A.B., J.D., the Intel-winning researcher and Harvard Chem-grad who wrote the course and has been teaching & researching the LSAT for 27 years. 
Day 1 (Saturday) will focus on the virtue of being Binary, while Day 2 (Sunday) will cover the Binary Truth Algorithm, which is the fastest possible solution to Games (aka Analytical Reasoning)
An official LSAT Games developer has recently confirmed that Ms. Silver's innovative algorithm for Analytical Reasoning is the correct solution.
  • Discover why our unique approach to the LSAT has helped thousands of students raise their LSAT scores and earn millions of dollars in scholarships to top law schools.

Sat, Aug 27 from 9am-12:30pm - Master our Binary Truth Algorithm for the Solution of all Games Questio