Kayam Farm Beit Midrash 2012

Beit Midrash Column

Extra Day Bonus:


Monday, March 12th - Tuesday March 13th

What should the next Shmittah year look like?  Join grassroots activists and leaders for two days of compelling Jewish learning, community organizing, action and advocacy.



Pearlstone Conference & Retreat Center 
5425 Mt. Gilead Rd
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Driving Directions 

Cost for Beit Midrash

Includes all meals, programming costs and the following options for lodging (per individual):

Lodge Room (2 queens) sgl occ:    $500.00

Lodge Room (2 queens) dbl occ:    $300.00

Cabin (sleeps 4-8):                              $300.00

Dorm Room (sleeps 6):                      $250.00

Commuter:                                            $40.00 for 1 Day

Child 1-12 (w/Parent):                         $50.00

Child under 1 (w/parent):                                              $0.00


A limited number of work-trade scholarships are available, and will be based upon need. To apply for a scholarship please email Jakir@kayamfarm.org.


Lisa Bodziner
Special Programs Director

Shmittah and Society

 An inspirational Shabbaton filled with learning, celebration, and groundbreaking Jewish thought.

Join an intergenerational, pluralistic community of Jewish farmers, rabbis, educators, scholars and consumers from across the country.

• Focus on Shmittah (The Sabbatical Year)

• Experiential Learning on Seder Zera’im (Jewish Agricultural Laws)

• Chakirot Investigations – Tell us what you want to teach!

• Vibrant Jewish communal prayer, celebration, and rituals

• NEW Kids Programming! Interactive activities for learners of all ages

Friday March 9, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST
Sunday March 11, 2012 at 3:00 PM EDT

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  1. Feel like both a teacher and a student
  2. Gain a greater understanding of Jewish agricultural texts and traditions, and greater confidence in our ability to personally and communally engage and explore our tradition
  3. Cultivate visions for how to apply our Jewish agricultural heritage in America today—as farmers, educators, and consumers.
  4. Celebrate a vibrant Shabbat in a diverse community with Jews of all kinds
  5. Build a movement of interconnected individuals and groups through shared values


Planning Committee

Ruthie Feldman, The Green Bubbie: Co-Chair

Jacob Udell, Middlebury College: Co-Chair

Rabbi Jacob Fine, Jewish Farm School: Iyun Shmittah Committee

Yoshi Silverstein, University of Maryland: B’kiut Experiential Committee

Yoni Vick, University of Maryland: B’kiut Experiential Committee

Rabbi Joel Mosbacher: Chakirot Investigations Committee

Rachel Shapiro, student midwife: Kids Program Committee

Aryeh Canter, McGill University: Jewish Life Committee

Steffi Sass, Indiana University: Shmittah Summit Committee



Jessy Gross, Hebrew Union College—LA

Lisa Bodziner, Kayam Special Programs Director

Jakir Manela, Kayam Director

Teri Jedeikin, Kayam Multicultural & Womens Educator

Morris Panitz, Kayam Community Educator



Kids Programming

Wondering if Kayam's Beit Midrash is family friendly?  YES!  Join our FANTASTIC kids programming to experience and exciting new layer of this wonderful annual event!  We will provide babysitting for children up to 3 years old, and age-appropriate programming for 4-12 year olds.  

Kids programming may include:

  • Edible farm scavenger hunt
  • Meet the animals
  • Make your own instruments and music sessions (not on Shabbat)
  • Shmittah, mishnah, and parasha learning geared for little ones!
  • Plant your own seeds!

Our kids programs will be fun and interactive, led by experienced volunteer-educators.


 Friday March 9th

3:00 pm            Arrival & Welcome

3:30 pm            Farm Tour

4:00 pm            Journeying Through Primary Jewish Texts—An Introduction

4:45 pm            Shabbat Preparation & Gender-Separate Mikvah Options

5:45 pm            Welcome & Candle Lighting   Room 100

6:00 pm            Kabbalat Shabbat & Ma’ariv

                                    Egalitarian, Mechitza, & Instrumental Options

7:15 pm            Dinner

8:30 pm            Opening Keynote

10:00 pm          Tisch                       

Saturday, March 10th

 7:00 am            Yoga and Meditation Option                 

8:00 am            Breakfast

8:30 am            Shabbat Morning Services

                        Egalitarian, Mechitza, & Instrumental Options

11:30 am           Shabbat Oneg

12:00 noon        Session 1A—Bekiut L’Maaseh

Session 1B—Shmittah B’Iyun  

Session 1C—Chakirot Investigations 

1:15 pm            Lunch

2:00 pm            Session 2A—Bekiut L’Maaseh

                        Session 2B—Shmittah B’Iyun

Session 2C—Chakirot Investigations

3:15 pm            Mincha or Qi Gong

4:45 pm            Session 3A—Bekiut L’Maaseh

Session 3B—Shmittah B’Iyun

Session 3C—Chakirot Investigations

6:00 pm            Seudah Shlishit—Dinner

7 pm                 Saturday Night Keynote 

8:30 pm            Havdalah

9:30 pm            Barn Party


Sunday March 11th

7:00 am            Shacharit

8:00 am            Breakfast

8:30 am            Session 4A—Bekiut L’Maaseh

Session 4B—Shmittah B’Iyun

Session 4C—Chakirot Investigations

9:45 am            Session 5A—Bekiut L’Maaseh

Session 5B—Shmittah B’Iyun

Session 5C—Chakirot Investigations

11:15 am           Closing Keynote

1:00 pm            Lunch & Departure