"Holocaust By Bullets" Exhibit at Temple October 14th through November 2nd 2016 to schedule a tour contact Mike Zimmerman at 615-854-4263 or email at mike.zimmerman@vanderbilt.edu


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Alan B. Goldberg

Saturday, October 15th-6:30 PM at Temple

Alan Goldberg is an award winning producer. He produced the segment on Father Patrick Desbois for 60 Minutes and traveled with the crew and Father Desbois to create the segment. He will speak about his personal connection to this subject as well as how productions such as these are developed.

M. Issam Eido

Tuesday, October 18th-6:00 PM Interfaith Sukkot Dinner and Lecture at Temple

Dr. Eido is a senior lecturer specializing in Arabic languages and literature. Dr. Eido is of Syrian origin.  Dr. Eido will speak about how a Jewish family helped him to leave Syria.

Bernard Werthan, Daoud Abudiab, and Robert Montgomery will receive the Goldziher Prize honoring their work in promoting interfaith activities between Jewish, Muslim, and Christian neighbors. To read more about the Goldziher Prize and Merrimack College click on the link below:

Dr. Michael Newton-Genocide & Jurisprudence

Thursday, October 20th-7:00 PM at Temple

Michael Newton is an expert on accountability, transnational justice, and conduct of hostilities issues. As a professor at Vanderbilt, he has developed and teaches the innovative International Law Practice Lab which provides expert assistance to judges and lawyers, governments, and policy-makers around the world.

Frances Cutler-Hahn & Hedy Lustig-Children & the Holocaust

Saturday, October 22nd-3:00 PM at Temple

Frances Cutler-Hahn and Hedy Lustig both were children when during the rise of the Nazi Regime.  They were both young eyewitnesses to this crisis and history.  They both serve as a voice for children in need based on their own stores of childhood survival.

Jimmy Gentry-A Story of Survival and Liberation:  Tennessee Eyewitnesses to Dachau

Sunday, October 23rd-3:00 PM at Temple

Jimmy Gentry is a World War II veteran who was a foot soldier at the Battle of the Bulge. He was also one of the first American liberation soldiers to reach the Dachau concentration camp.  Jimmy will trace his journey from Depression-era boyhood in historic Franklin, TN, to his military service in WWII, to his life-altering experience as one of the first liberating soldiers through the gates at the infamous Dachau concentration camp.

Father Patrick Desbois-

Moving From Indifference to Action:  Why Remembering Is Important

Wednesday, October 26th-9:00 AM-3:00 PM at Temple-Limor Education Conference

Father Patrick Desbois is A Catholic priest and author of “The Holocaust by Bullets.”  Father Desbois has devoted his life to researching the Holocaust, fighting antisemitism and improving Christian-Jewish relations.



Father Patrick Desbois- Holocaust By Bullets

Tuesday, October 25th-7:00 PM at Vanderbilt Langford Auditorium

Father Patrick Desbois is A Catholic priest and author of “The Holocaust by Bullets.”  Father Desbois has devoted his life to researching the Holocaust, fighting antisemitism and improving Christian-Jewish relations.


Dr. Elizabeth B. White- 

Solving the Problem from Hell:Genocide Prevention in the 21st Century 

Thursday, October 27th-7:00 PM at Temple

Dr. White is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Director for the Center for the Prevention of Genocide. Prior to that, she worked for nearly 30 years at the US Department of Justice, serving as chief historian and deputy director of the Office of Special Investigations; and most recently, as deputy chief and chief historian of the Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section.

Pastor Chris Edmonds-

Choosing to Act:  The Story of a Righteous American Soldier 

Saturday, October 29th-5:00 PM at Temple

Pastor Chris Edmonds said that it was only after his father's death that he discovered the incredible heroism that his father had demonstrated during World War II. Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds did something extraordinary when a Nazi commander pointed a gun at the U.S. POW and demanded Jewish American soldiers with him identify themselves.  As the highest-ranking American non-commissioned officer at the Stalag IX A POW camp, Edmonds instead told all 1,000 U.S. servicemen to step forward and then declared, "We are all Jews here." This was an act that saved some 200 Jewish American soldiers and could have gotten him killed. Pastor Edmonds will share his Dad’s incredible story.

Dr. Tamara Reps Freeman- Music of the Holocaust

Sunday, October 30th-3:00 PM at Temple

Dr. Freeman is an ethno-musicologist who performs Holocaust music lecture-recitals on her 1935 Joseph Bausch viola, which is a relic of the Shoah. She specializes in communicating lessons of morality and courage through her Holocaust music classes and performances.