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Thursday November 19, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM MST

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Educator for a Day 2015

What is Educator for a Day?

"Educator for a Day" is a program of the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools and          Billings Partners in Education.  On November 19th we will invite business, community, and government leaders into our elementary, middle, and high schools.  Community members, who   haven’t stepped inside the doors of a school for years, will have the chance to meet staff, visit classrooms, and learn first hand what it takes to run a school in the 21st Century.

What is the purpose of the program?

Educator for a Day” is designed to give business and community leaders the opportunity to learn more  about our schools and to experience the decisions and responsibilities our educators face each day.  Through this event we hope to build a better community understanding of our students, staff, achievements, and needs.  We also hope participants will be able to translate their one-day experiences  into long-term relationships that enhance the learning environments of our community’s schools and support student achievement.

 How does “Educator for a Day” work?

Since every school is unique, there is no prescription for what will happen.  The prinicpal of the school you  are visiting will have an agenda for the day.  Below are some of the activities that principles may have included in the agenda for the morning.

            *Touring school facilities                       *Having breakfast with students and/or faculty

            *Teacher observations                          *Reading with a student or class

            *Visiting classrooms                             *Participating in class discussions

            *Attending team meetings                   *Learning about the school’s improvement plans

            *Speaking with teachers                       *Learning about the school’s AYP report

            *Asking questions to gain a better understanding of the school and school district

When is “Educator for a Day?”

Educator for a Day” is scheduled for Thursday, November 19th during American Education Week. The program will kick off with the first school bell at 8:00 AM and conclude with a luncheon from11:30 AM – 1:00 PM at The Northern Hotel.  “Educator for a Day 2015” will be a half-day event.

 How will I be matched with a school and learn more about my guest school?

You have the opportunity to indicate your top choices of school matches on your application.  Although we try to accommodate a specific request, keep in mind that your selections may not necessarily lead to a match.  You will receive a packet prior to Educator for a Day that will include information about your selected school and the school district, as well as, contact information and information about the luncheon.

How do I find out more information about this program?

To learn more about “Educator for a Day” or suggest potential guest educators, please contact Julie Whitworth at (406) 245-4133 or or visit