This is an online Zoom event to be held:

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

10:00am -12:00pm 

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CCRM Shoreline Management Webinar - 2023


The VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management is hosting a webinar for Virginia’s shoreline management community.  

VIMS Shoreline Assessment Tools 101

August 02, 2023
10 AM - 12 NOON

Learn how the best available science for shoreline and resilience assessments is delivered through desktop maps and models by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science VIMS.  Watch and learn how these tools can be applied to different types of shoreline assessments.  Hear why familiar tools are changed to new platforms as better user-friendly functions become available. 

Planned topics:
  • New ways to engage with the latest VIMS Shoreline and Tidal Marsh Inventory results
  • Where to find data, maps, and models for living shoreline suitability assessments
  • How to apply GIS data for Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act CBPA coastal resilience assessments
  • How to interpret future shoreline condition forecasts
  • VIMS shoreline advisory service and contacts
  • Shoreline management program updates

Explore shoreline assessment tools:


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