Online Member Registration for NTCA's 2019 Membership Campaign



2019 NTCA Membership 

Membership in this organization provides an opportunity for you to share in the benefits of collaborating with and learning from your colleagues in TB prevention and control. Membership offers opportunities to participate in educational programs, to join committees working for positive changes in the TB field, and to network with your colleagues across the U.S. Membership benefits also include a reduction in the registration fee for the annual TB conference and reduced pricing for NTCA publications.

How to Join NTCA or Renew Your Membership
For information on membership categories and dues, refer to the NTCA Membership web page.

To join, click the 'Join or Renew Now' button below and complete the form on the next page. 

Member Profile
The information you provide on the form will become your member profile. Your NTCA member profile is critical for keeping you fully aware of and engaged with NTCA activities, and the work of our Sections and committees/workgroups.  It also gives us information about your areas of expertise and interest and can be used when NTCA is asked to provide speakers or liaisons for external partner and DTBE-sponsored activities. Please make sure to complete this at your earliest convenience.

Institutional Members
If you are registering an institutional membership for your organization, enter your contact information on the form then click the Add button. In the text entry box, list names and emails of all of the people to include in your institutional membership. Each member listed will receive an email to complete a member profile. 

If you are registering as part of an institutional membership that your organization has paid for, under Fees, select the 'Registering as part of an institutional membership – No Charge'.

Payment Methods
FOR AN ONLINE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: Select "Credit Card".  We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. 

FOR AN OFFLINE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: Select "Pay by Check",  finish the registration, then call us at 1-678-503-0503. 

FOR PAYMENT BY CHECK, MONEY ORDER, OR PURCHASE ORDER: Select "Pay by Check" and make it payable to the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association. Mail your payment to NTCA at 2452 Spring Road SE, Smyrna, GA 30080-3828. 

FOR AN ACH DEPOSIT: Select "Pay by Check", finish the registration, then call us at 1-678-503-0503.