Thursday, October 5, 2023 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EDT
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10 Herring Rd.
Newnan, GA 30265

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Whitney Pelaski 
Grenzebach Corp. 
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Grenzebach Automationfest 2023 

Attendees will be able to learn about emerging technologies in Industrial Automation during technology sessions lead by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Attendees will also have the opportunity to enjoy automation exhibits, take shop tours, enjoy equipment demonstrations, and experience an authentic Oktoberfest celebration.

Seminar Descriptions:

8 am Seminars:

  • Electrification of the US - UL Underwriters Laboratories - How UL is identifying new and integrated ways to meet enterprises’ changing needs across sectors such as regulatory compliance, sustainability, and supply chain transparency and reporting.
  • Web Process Advancements in Battery Manufacturing - E&L (Erhardt + Leimer) - Advancements in technology for web processing for battery manufacturing.  Reduction of scrap and improved throughput.
  • WeService: Digital Self-Service-How Modern Technologies improves Customer Service - Grenzebach - Service - New Technologies & digital Solutions empowers employees to manage their problems & tasks easily online and by them self. Self-service can improve equipment uptime, lower costs, fast support and empowers workers with better information access.

9 am Seminars:

  • Leveraging Industry 4.0 to Improve Asset Health and Productivity - Georgia Tech -  Understanding how assets behave in an industrial environment, and the benefits of asset health monitoring. Learn how commercially available AI-enabled Industry 4.0 technologies can be implemented to reduce machine downtime and maximize asset utilization.
  • VR and AR and How it Effects the Future of Robotics - ABB - How augmented and virtual reality plays into today's world of robotics and how it is expected to play a growing role in the future.
  • The Path Forward: Grenzebach’s Universal Control System - Grenzebach - ITL - Grenzebach’s Universal Control System allows AGVs from multiple suppliers to safely and successfully operate in the same work environment. No more artificial barriers or self-imposed boundaries. Grenzebach’s UCS is blazing a new path forward and empowering the next generation of intralogistics solutions.

10 am Seminars:

  • Cybersecurity Concerns & Best Practices -Rockwell Automation - As manufacturing continues to leverage a Connected Enterprise – the potential exposure to digital threats increases.   Our presentation will cover the concerns and best practices (referencing emerging standards) to realize the advantages of a Connected Enterprise – as well as highlight Cybersecurity mandates from the US Government for Critical Infrastructure and penalties for non-compliance.
  • Deploy Edge Computing for Smart Manufacturing - Stratus - How to rapidly modernize Infrastructure, Eliminate Application Downtime, and Future Proof Operations with Modern Edge Computing
  • Tomorrow’s Production Today! Revolutionizing Automation Through AI and Web Technology” - Grenzebach - Digital SolutionsA large potential to increase productivity could be solved in using AI.  Autonomous process control as a next level of closed loop optimization.  Present Grenzebach Solution using AI and Web Technology. How could all those technologies merged together in the shopfloor (SERICY). Semiconductor shortage needs new solutions in the area of PLC .

11 am Seminars:

  • Wood Fiber Insulation Batts - Properties, Use and Production Process - Grenzebach - Building Materials - Introduction to Wood Fiber Insulation Batts, their physical properties and use. How to get from wood chips to WFI Batts.
  • Universal Automation with IEC61499 - What is the Next Generation of Industrial Automation Solutions - Schneider Automation - Universal automation is an industrial automation shared source runtime based on the IEC61499 standard. This new level of shared technology provides the basis for an ecosystem of portable, interoperable, "plug and produce" automation software components.  Think of it as an a'la carte menu where you select from best-of-breed technologies with interoperability at the application layer regardless of brand.
  • Next Level Hot End Equipment – Your Road to Energy Efficiency! - Grenzebach - Glass - A presentation and discussion on Tin Bath, Dross Box and New Lehr

1 pm Seminars:

  • Grenzebach’s New Ultra High Efficiency Dryer – From Concept to Prototype to Execution - Grenzebach - Building Materials - Current gypsum dryers have reached their physical limits in terms of thermal efficiency.  This seminar will guide you through the development of Grenzebach’s new Ultra High Efficiency dryer, from the initial concepts to projects currently in execution, and the innovative method used to radically lower the thermal consumption of the wallboard drying process.
  • Dealing With The Loss of Manufacturing Know How - Siemens - How does a manufacturer grow when senior production employees are retiring at a record pace?
  • From-Hot-To-Cold: Full-Service Provider for Integrated Solutions in the Float Glass Industry -Grenzebach - Glass - Cold end equipment news, digitalization, and the benefit of buying the hot end and the cold end from one source.

2 pm Panel Discussion:

  • Moderator: John Fluker (CEO Grenzebach)
  • Presenter: Knudt Flor (Former CEO BMW manufacturing & Professor of Industry Practice and Innovation at the SC State University College of Charleston)
  • Presenter: Sean Madhavaraman (Lead for the Georgia Tech - Ai Program - GA-AIM)
  • Presenter: Anna Kyriakidou (Deputy CEO, Senior Manager Digital Service-Grenzebach Hellas S.A.) 
  • Explore the ideas and applications driving Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing leading the way to factories of tomorrow, today.  This panel discussion will illuminate the symbiotic relationship between AI and manufacturing, from predictive maintenance and quality control to supply chain optimization. The casual format will allow the audience to openly discuss with experts the transformative power of AI, its impact on manufacturing processes and automation, and the road ahead for this dynamic synergy.

3:40 pm Seminars:

  • Caster & Wheels - How Casters can be Ergonomic - BlickleReducing Workplace Injuries and Fatigue - Ergonomics and how wheels and casters as well as Ergo Moves can help reduce injuries and fatigue out of the workforce.
  • EPROMI Production Analytics - Data-Driven Production Efficiency - Isra Vision We will demonstrate how ISRA's web-based production analytics platform allows you to check the system status via dashboards which allow you to compare production line and product data whether on-site or remote. View real time data for all production at a glance or analyze production data in detail while also using the quality management system to analyze historical data, monitor current inspection data, and identify future trends in your production process. As a result you can quickly resolve production defects, shorten downtime, reduce production costs, and perform predictive maintenance.
  • Envelon Solar Facades: Beautiful On-site Solar Generation With an ROI - Grenzebach - Envelon Envelon’s Solar facades provide building owners the opportunity to generate clean, on-site solar with an ROI, using Envelon’s solar facade technology in areas where traditional rooftop solar is impractical due to HVAC space constraints, or other limitations such as roof loading limits.  Your facade provides enormous square footage that can be beautifully turned ON in practically any color or pattern, including images