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12 week course beginning on:                                       Tuesday February 22, 2011 7PM                                                 

18 hours of  training                                                               6 hours individual training




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Become a Feng Shui From The Heart ™ Practitioner, Level I! 

Dear Soul-inspired Entrepreneur,

If you’re receiving an intuitive “hit” on joining this course then please continue reading the information we have prepared to help guide you in this important decision to become a Feng Shui FromThe Heart™ Practitioner.

The Art of Feng Shui

The art of Feng Shui can help you become a master at reading the symbols of your environment both on the inner and outer so you can move into a deeper conscious relationship with all that surrounds you and unlock your fullest potential!

 The great depth psychologist Carl Jung noted that a person’s home is a symbolic mirror of their inner self, and of their unconscious wishes and emotions

Friends, have you always been curious about the art of Feng Shui but can’t get past the first couple pages of a book you read because it just seems so confusing?

Well, here is a course that will take you step-by-step from a beginners mind to a mastery level and ensure that you have full understanding each step of the way.

You will learn the art and science of how the physical environment influences how you act, react, interact and shape your own reality! As you study your environment and the patterns that exist within, you will be equipped with a powerful tool to unlock those secrets and open up to new levels of healing, understanding and fulfillment for yourself and others and create a viable income stream while doing what you love!

I look forward to seeing you in the course!


About Your Instructor: Inessa Freylekhman

 Inessa is a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher, book author, Feng Shui consultant, relationship coach and teen empowerment coach who is committed to healing one home at a time through Feng Shui. She has a decade of practical experience in the application of Feng Shui as well as a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and is currently completing her second Masters in Counseling Psychology at the prestigious Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has received Feng Shui training and initiations from Grand Master Lin Yun and Master El Nathan Batoon.  Her focus is on intention and intuition seeking to empower her clients and students to access their own inner compass to create more balance, flow and bliss in their homes and lives.

Her clients include studio executives, actors, business owners, lawyers, doctors, students, stay-at-home moms, teenagers, homeless shelters, corporations, small businesses and even cars!

What differentiates Feng Shui From The Heart™ from other programs is an interdisciplinary/integrative approach to the art of Feng Shui, which draws upon the BTB method of Feng Shui, overview of classic Feng Shui, spiritual psychology, intuition training, space clearing, and coaching/healing modalities.


Inessa will support graduates in integrating their Feng Shui knowledge in such a way that is personalized and unique to whom they are as a person and a professional, (coaching them on how to seamlessly add Feng Shui Consultancy to their current business model such as interior design, personal organizing, counseling, teaching, training, consulting, and home based business endeavors and more).

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BENEFITS of Becoming a Feng Shui from the Heart Practitioner™…

Professional Benefits

  • Earn additional Income!
  • Add Feng Shui as a new modality and new income stream to your existing business!
  • Use Feng Shui as a tool to catapult your clients into new levels of inner and outer awareness and success!
  • Utilize the principles of Feng Shui From The Heart to help your clients ATTRACT and CREATE  their ideal relationships
  • Learn how to analyze any home or office’s blueprint and make powerful changes to create greater flow and welcome increased prosperity!
  • Cultivate powerful space clearing and mindfulness techniques that will assist you in understanding your clients underlining blocks and how to remedy them
  • Learn sure fire tools for clearing stuck energy and making simple yet powerful changes to your client’s home’s and lives!
  • Move into a deeper conscious awareness of your environment and self!
  • Use the home as a feedback mechanism for greater understanding to your client’s underlining concerns.
  • Increase self-worth when asking for payment or referrals.
  • Learn to set fees, build a client base through referrals and acquire teaching and speaking opportunities.
  • Receive a framed Feng Shui from the Heart™ Certificate of Completion for the Level 1 Practitioner Course

Who will you work with when you enter the exciting field of Feng Shui Consultancy?

  • Clients in need of home or office organization and de-cluttering.
  • Individuals looking to attract the “right” partner or heal existing relationships.
  • Individuals seeking a more balanced and peaceful life
  • Clients who have hired you for interior design and want to add Feng Shui to their home design
  • Clients who want to attract more wealth into their home and business
  • Teenagers who want to improve their space and heal personal issues.
  • Families who want to bring more harmony and connection back into their home.
  • Clients in need of home staging
  • You will work on referral as well with real estate agents, stagers, interior designers, as well as coaches, mentors and counselors.

As you can see, the possibilities for creating a business niche with Feng Shui are endless.

Personal Benefits

  • Release what is no longer working for you and make space for new opportunities to live, love and learn!
  • Create a sanctuary for love in your own bedroom where you feel recharged, rested and romanced!
  • Enjoy a home that is harmonious and inspiring and awakens your senses.
  • Feel more rested and relaxed in your bedroom.
  • Create more expansiveness in your office for focus, efficiency, increased success and creativity!
  • Achieve greater inner harmony and peace through mindfully arranging your environment.
  • Experience huge transformation in all areas of your life as you bring yourself into greater alignment with your home and heart.



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This in-depth Feng Shui immersion program will give you the tools you need to help yourself and others create inspired, sacred, and healing home to thrive in.

You will learn:

Module 1: Attuning to your inner Feng Shui Master:

Prepare the body, mind and spirit for the space. Listen to the environment with all your senses to trouble-spot and release blocks for you and your clients.

Module 2:  Preparing the Physical Space:

Space Clearing techniques for removing all negative imprints and stuck energy from the home to create more flow and allow for abundance.

Module 3:  Foundations of Feng Shui:

A little History goes a long way. The forefathers of Feng Shui: Classic Chinese, Indian Vastu, Tibetan Buddhist.

Module 4The Ba-Gua Grid:

The application of this mystical grid is an essential consultation tool for homes, businesses, offices, rooms, lots and even a car or desk. You will learn how to use the Ba-Gua as a blueprint for success and harmony.

Module 5:  Step by step process for identifying and releasing clutter: Understanding the different types of attachments to clutter and how to support ourselves and our clients in letting go

Module 6 &7:  Conducting a comprehensive assessment:

Learn to do an assessment from beginning to end and provide recommendations for home, office and room-by-room consultations. You will become an expert at reading problematic layouts and making correction using the 9 basic and secret cures of Feng Shui.

Module 8:  The Soul of the Home:

Determine the soul of the home and what its symptoms are revealing to you. Reading the metaphors and re-writing your clients story.

Module 9:  Marketing Your Feng Shui Business:

We will teach you everything you need to know, including scripts and templates to get your Feng Shui business launched in 90 days. 


12 weeks (3 months) 1 ˝ hours each week. 3 weeks of group instruction and one week of individual instruction each month.

18 hours Total

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Find out What People are Saying about Inessa’s Feng Shui From The Heart™ Experience

 “Inessa has a unique skill for combining Feng Shui techniques with the power of Spiritual Psychology to assist her clients in reaching their highest potential and manifesting their dreams. In my case, session after session I rearranged my bedroom to release an old love, and pull in my heart’s desire for a true soul mate. Every time we worked together my energy cleared, my intention became focused, my bedroom supported my vision and soon the love of my life was free to enter.” Raquel Reyna, Curves Area Director So CA & So NV

“With Inessa's Feng Shui help, I have turned my professional life around. I was feeling stuck in a rut at my job and I didn't know how to progress to the next level. Within mere months of her consultation, communication with my co-workers increased, my ideas started to be implemented and my level of excitement for my job changed dramatically, plus I was promoted and my salary increased by nearly 40%!! She helped me focus my intentions and things that seemed like 'pie in the sky' dreams became a reality!” Damona, NBC Executive

“Inessa Freylekhman did a workshop for my Senior Peer Counselors on “Authentic Listening.”  She did a wonderful presentation that fully engaged everyone in the audience.  They learned a great deal from the experience and many said that she was the best!  I was sorry for her class to end because I wanted to learn more from her” Carol Young, Providence Hospital, Burbank, CA

“I call her the Mary Poppins of Feng Shui. She immediately spotted the weak areas in my home, and in my life, and using a combination of coaching skills and Feng Shui art, suggested "remedies" that call me into a deeper conscious relationship with myself and my world. I now feel much better at my desk-my holy space for writing and creating-as well as generally in my home, I highly recommend that you give yourself this gift!”
Elana Golden, Screenwriter, director, teacher, Founder of The Writing Studio


You Might Still Have a Few Questions, So Lets Answer Them Right Here…

What can a Feng Shui Consultant earn? Feng Shui Consultants start at $125 per hour and the rates go up from their depending on your experience, niche and your clientele.

Will I receive a certification? Yes.  You will receive a certificate of completion from Feng Shui From the Heart.  There are no degreed programs or state standardizations for becoming a Feng Shui Consultant.  There are however, reputable associations you may want to join. 

What if I can’t be on all the calls with Inessa?  Every training call will be recorded and sent to you as a participant.  You can work at your own pace and fit classes into your busy schedule.  There will be assignments but all assignments can be turned in up to 60 days after the course ends.  You will not receive your certificate of completion until all assignments are turned in and verified by Inessa.

Will there be one-on-one supervision? Yes. Every fourth class you will receive individual coaching with Inessa to further  integrate the material you are learning, receive answers to your questions and deepen in your mastery.

What if I need additional help in starting my Feng Shui Practice?  Inessa is available for 1 to 1 coaching and consultancy following the completion of the program for those who want one-on-one support and accountability in opening up their new Feng Shui practice.

Will there be additional courses offered?  Yes, we will be launching intermediate and mastery level courses subsequent to the beginner’s course.  Stay tuned for this.

Here More of What People are Saying….

“Inessa came over and spent a whole day with my wife and I.  We went room to room and looked at what was working and what was "clogging" up the energy.  I've got two stories to highlight the experience.  Inessa recommended hanging a mirror in a certain place to assist with moving the energy.  I was thinking, "OK, sounds a little hokey but I'll give it a shot."  The next day, I hung a very nice (and inexpensive) circular mirror and I could literally FEEL this wave of energy move through me as I put it up on the wall.  It was really cool.  The second part of this is my wife and I spent about 10 to 12 hours the next day cleaning and straightening and rearranging our place.  AND, we actually had MORE energy at the end of the day then when we started.  I knew this was a great sign.  The whole event was fun and great way for my wife and I to work together.  Our place continues to feel great.  PS.  Inessa just assisted me with some changes in my office.  I like and can feel better in my office.  Thank you, Inessa.”J. Hruby

“Inessa's intuitive sense of Fung Shui is astonishing.  She was able to clear the energy of my rooms and get some motion flowing in no time flat.  Literally days later I had a happy financial surprise.  And my space just feels better.  More open.  More natural.  More alive.  Inessa's skills and talents are at once mysterious and practical.  Highly recommended!”  Jeff Leisowitz, Writer, Musician, Producer

 Still Undecided?

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