Please Note: To increase interaction, this webinar will be in the meeting format and we hope you will join with your camera and audio turned on to fully participate.  


Wednesday, March 17, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM CDT
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During this uncertain time, it’s hard to know what to say and what to do first—especially when it comes to selling. If you are feeling unsure of how to sell, or how to even move forward, you are not alone. We are charting new waters together and it feels like things are changing every day.  It can feel overwhelming to keep selling, and you might feel like stopping. In this virtual presentation, Ursula will share how you can re frame your mindset to keep going and keep growing while supporting your clients in the most authentic way possible.

In this important and timely presentation learn to:

  • Move away from fear and scarcity and toward the goals you really desire
  • Discover what to say to prospects to schedule an appointment now
  • Engage in a powerful conversation with your prospects to move the sale forward while serving them at the highest level
  • Maximize opportunities that are waiting for you now
  • And more!

This virtual seminar can be customized for Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Sales Professionals who have a growth mindset and know they need to pivot. An important topic for these uncertain times.

Presented By: Ursula Mentjes:
Ursula Mentjes is a self-taught executive who knows what it takes to wake up every morning with an intentional plan to succeed. Ursula shows audiences how to close the sale without losing their soul. With her Midwestern charm, Ursula patiently peels back the layers of limiting beliefs that foster a nest of mediocrity. She then arms sales representatives with the timely tools that forever transform the way they sell. 

Plucked from retail to start selling technical training, Ursula quickly realized that hitting her quota of calls was irrelevant; it was the quality of the call that was paramount. Using her method of believing, planning, calling, and following up, her sales hit the stratosphere! In fact, Ursula and her team grew a Santa Ana branch from losing $60,000.00 per month to an astounding feat of over $3 million per month. 

Ursula became a student of sales understanding what works ... and what doesn't culminating in her creating Sales Coach Now to train others to maxi≠mize sales. Her work with over 6800 entrepreneurs plus 221 companies allowed her to write 4 books. Today, she speaks and trains others how to harness the power of selling. Rather than simply telling sales representatives how to sell, she works with them on the phone in real time to make appointments and close sales!