Thur. Mar. 6 ~ 6 PM HAST
Sun. Mar. 9 ~ 6 PM

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Sunrise Center
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Life, Death, Near Death and Beyond: An Exploration on Maui

with Ram Dass, Bodhi Be, Ven. Rev. Patrick McCollum,
Kimberly Clark Sharp, Ellie Schamber, Alan Hugenot,
Lewis Griggs, Dan Drasin, Jamie Butler, Wendy Grace, Lei'ohu Ryder, Darin Deterra, Raphael, and
conference host, Lori Grace

Life, Death, Near Death and Beyond Conference
Life, Death, Near Death and Beyond Conference


As we age and experience the death or approaching death of friends, relatives and loved ones, we may find ourselves wondering how best to support them in their passing. We may also wonder about existence itself, life and beyond, and about our own life and death. As we grieve, we may find ourselves longing to communicate with those who have passed and wondering if we really cease to exist, or, though our bodies die, if our consciousness lives on.

At a gorgeous certified organic farm brimming with life, we'll look at the issues of life, death, and beyond. Ram Dass and Bodhi Be will speak about approaching death and sitting with the dying. Patrick McCollum, Kimberly Clark Sharp, Ellie Schamber, Alan Hugenot and Lewis Griggs had near death experiences and will share what they have learned from them. Dan Drasin will show his film about electronic communications from the deceased. Jamie Butler, Wendy Grace and Darin Deterra will speak about mediumship and communication with the departed. Lei'ohu Ryder is a medium and shaman (kahuna). Raphael plays music to experience inter-dimensional communication.

  • Beautiful tropical gardens
  • Delicious organic food grown on the farm
  • An intro class on organic gardening
  • Swimming in a 60-foot, solar-heated, saltwater pool
  • Hot tubs with spectacular views

Thurs., March 6 to Sun., March 9, 2014
at a beautiful eco-retreat center on Maui

Conf + All Meals
: $435
(required for residential participants)
Conf + Lunch & Dinner: $375 (non-residential only)
Conf + Dinner: $330 (non-residential)
Conf Only:

Free gift with paid registration.
an organic gardening intro class.
All may enjoy the pool and hot tub.

Rooms: Prices vary. 888-368-5305
Discounted room rates
before, during and after the conf, Mar. 3 - 12
To ask about special dietary needs or a kitchen work trade,
the caterer, Cindi Nand, 808-264-4177
More conf info: Sunrise Center ~ 415-924-7824


For more detailed information, please visit this Sunrise Center webpage. (http://sunrisecenter.org/events/life-death-near-death-and-beyond-an-exploration/)

Ram Dass

Ram Dass Ram Dass aka Dr. Richard Alpert, Ph.D., psychologist, author (Be Here Now), world-reknowned lecturer, 40+ years a pioneer of conscious dying. Co-founder of the Seva Foundation & The Dying Project.  Be Here Now sparked a generation of wisdom seekers and has had a major impact on the course of western society's opening to alternative understandings of life's purpose, as well as the explosion of both yoga and meditation practice.

Bodhi Be

Death 101: A Primer For Approaching Death and Showing Up at the Bedside of the Dying
We will explore beliefs and stories we tell ourselves and we'll wonder about: Do we die, or simply "pass on"? ~ Is this body "you"? ~ When do we begin to die? ~ How is our relationship to death and dying formed by culture, religion, psychiatry and medicine?

Bodhi Be is a minister, teacher and guide in a Sufi Lineage; an independent funeral director; the executive director of Doorway Into Light, a non-profit in the field of death and dying; and, the founder of The Death Store, Hawaii's first certified green funeral home.

Patrick McCollum

Patrick McCollumWalking the Sacred Path
In 1965, Rev. McCollum had the experience of dying, resulting from a brutal motorcycle accident. A doctor pronounced him dead.

He floated through a tunnel of light where he came face-to-face with a luminous woman. "There was a deep sense of understanding, of knowledge hidden below the surface of her glance -- there was a feeling in my heart that she knew my every thought, my every joy, my every pain." "Are you ready to come with me?" she asked." "Who are you?" I questioned. "I am God," she replied.
Ven. Rev. Patrick McCollum is an internationally recognized spiritual leader whose work toward human rights, social justice and equality for all religions and spiritual traditions transcends cultural, religious, and politcal barriers. The Patrick McCollum Foundation is a non-profit promoting a sacred planetary vision toward equality for all, human rights and world peace.

Kimberly Clark Sharp

Kimberly Clark Sharp Known for her wit and warmth, Kimberly Clark Sharp, MSW, LiCSW, is a near-death experiencer and author of After the Light. Named one of the “40 most influential people under the age of 40” in the Pacific Northwest in 1987 for her work in the field of death and dying, Kimberly founded the Seattle Int'l Assn for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). She also taught death and dying at the Univ of WA School of Medicine and is a retired clinical assistant professor.

Ellie Schamber

Dr. Ellie Schamber The Meaning and Purpose of Our Lives: What I Learned When I Died
In 1969 Ellie was involved in a horrific car accident that took several lives, including hers. "Looking down at my body, I was dumbfounded! I realized that everything I had believed and taught about consciousness had been wrong."  In the Light, Ellie was given amazing knowledge about the meaning and purpose of life. She saw that she had forgotten the purpose of her life and made the decision to return and try again. "I want to let people know what the Truth is, why we are here, and what the implications are for our lives."

Ellie Schamber has a Ph.D. in Intellectual History from the Univ of CA at Berkeley.  She was on the faculty of several universities, and currently teaches Humanities at Kaplan Univ online. She mentors grad students and tutors H.S. students for the SAT.  Ellie hosts monthly presentations by people who have had NDEs and talks about her own spiritual experiences at venues in the SF Bay Area.

Alan Ross Hugenot

Alan was 21 when he had a near-fatal motorcycle accident and was unconscious for 8 hours. "I went directly into the presence of a brilliant white Light, which radiated a feeling of warmth and unconditional love. It was a consciousness without form. It was like being Home -- I had known this Light Being for thousands of years. There was no pain, no anguish, no worries. It was more real than life here, which is the illusion."

Alan Hugenot has spent 40 years collating research on consciousness survival and the afterlife, including NDE's, reincarnation, past life regression therapy, after-death communications and the supporting theories of quantum mechanics. His book, The Death Experience: What It Is Like When You Die, provides the lay reader with the underlying principles of physics, postulating a scientific basis for, and location of, the afterlife.

Dan Drasin

Dan Drasin Calling Earth: How the departed can reach out to us through our modern electronic technology
Dan will screen a rough cut of his hour-long documentary Calling Earth, which explains Instrumental TransCommunication -- contact with the deceased through familiar electronic devices -- recorders, telephones, radios, computers, etc. He will answer questions.

Dan Drasin is a veteran documentary filmmaker and media producer with over a dozen international awards. He has been affiliated with New Dimensions Radio since 1973. As a child, he experienced numerous precognitive dreams. Since 1993 he has probed facets of afterlife research including near-death and out-of-body experiences, reincarnation and afterlife communication. His latest projects include a series of films about afterlife research.

Jamie Butler

Jamie Butler What you Believe is Your Only Truth, and Knowledge is Your Only Limit
Jamie leads an open discussion on how your beliefs shape your understanding of the beyond. Through simple exercises she will help you identify which ways you can perceive subtle energy so that you may learn how to communicate with your guides and loved ones on the other side. She will guide a mediation to open up your sensitivity and better connect you to your heart energy.

Jamie Butler has been a medium, since she was a young girl. She is the author of the book With Love and Light, is the founder of the With Love and Light Center in Atlanta, is a Reiki master and master hypnotherapist, and has taught people all over the world how to channel beings for themselves.

Wendy Grace

Wendy PictureWendy Grace experienced an NDE in her early twenties. She trained for ten years in a Brazilian style of mediumship and other forms of subtle energy work. These trainings have assisted her in communicating with many departed souls and have helped people come to greater peace with death and the departure of their beloveds. She has pioneered a way through mediumship of helping people heal their relationships with relatives that have passed on, even their ancestors.

Lei'ohu Ryder

Lei'ohu RyderLei’ohu Ryder is a spiritual leader, visionary, healer, singer/songwriter, and educator on Maui. She is an emissary of aloha and an advocate for the indigenous soul in all people, blind to the labels (race, creed, nationality, ideology, etc.) that can separate us from experiencing the true nature of our selves and others.

Darin Deterra

Darin Deterra

Facing your Imminent Death and Mediating Between the Two Worlds
25 years ago, Darin was told that the lump on the back of his neck was cancerous and that he had a 100% chance of dying if he didn’t have surgery. He healed himself without surgery.

Dr. Darin Deterra is a licensed therapist, author, radio and TV host, songwriter, record producer, artist and illustrator. Virtually all of his life’s work came to him through dreams and through mediumship. Dr. Darin developed his medium abilities while living in Brazil. Today, he integrates somatic (body-centered) therapy with his work as a medium.


A Musical Experiential Journey of Life after Death
When people come back from a near death experience, they will tell you "Words fail, but I remember the music!" Musically, we will explore and experience the rich and unique levels of Life after Death. Prepare your own body through dance, movement and conscious relaxation. From that deep place we can easily and solidly enter into inter-dimensional communication.

Raphael had his first NDE at the age of 6. His music album, Music to Disappear In, has been used extensively for dying patients. He was composing Vivaldi concertos at the age of 13 and doing musical psychic readings at 16. He and wife Kutira founded the Kahua Institute in1985, and created Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability and Maui Eco Retreat.

Lewis Griggs

Lewis Grigg Lewis Griggs was born of direct Mayflower heritage into privilaged American aristocracy. During the first of his two death experiences, he discovered we are on earth to fufill a particular Purpose and he had not been on the right path. He was told to return to earth to teach people to appreciate diversity in our common humanity. His work has since included teaching corporations the value of diversity, relationship and Spirit.


Lori Grace

Lori Orchid Lori Grace is the creator of this conference and will be the main facilitator. Lori owns Hale Akua Garden Farm on Maui and is exec. dir. of Sunrise Center in Corte Madera, California.