Thursday, July 14, 2016
7 to 10 PM, PT
Friday, July 15, 2016

10 AM to 10 PM, PT
Saturday, July 16

10 AM to 10 PM, PT

Sunday, July 17
10 AM to 5 PM, PT

The full workshop includes the Introductory evening on Thursday, July 14 (required), 7PM to 10PM, and requires separate registration (July 14).

Note: You may attend an optional (recommended) intro/overview evening on Fri., July 8. Separate registration.

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Sunrise Center 
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Sunrise Center 
Sunrise Center 


The Inner Romance:
Performing Inside Out

with William Pennell Rock,
Master of Archetypal Psychodrama


Meditation on the Masculine/Feminine Self

Be guided to create your own inner characters and unique drama            
   portraying the challenges and solutions of your present life situation
Develop the confidence to perform this drama in a very supportive and
  non-threatening environment
Come away with a psychoanalytic snapshot radically clarifying your
   self-negating patterns and their antidotes
Unite your masculine strength and feminine wisdom attaining
  psychological balance
Expose and harness the power of your dark side
Generate the personal tools to thrive in your ongoing journey

         This 3-1/2-day workshop combines Jungian-based psychodrama together with structured meditation in a ritualized format. It is a unique approach to realizing the deep integration of the masculine and feminine by getting in touch with and embodying the lovers within you, their relationship, repression, separation and the dynamic process which unites them together.

         The workshop uses psychodrama to embody the archetypal subpersonalities of your inner romance. The Hero, the masculine, active capacity, and the Heroine, the feminine, receptive power, are together responsible for your well-being and fulfillment. The Inner Saboteur, Shadow Monster bent upon your undoing and destruction, thrives on the strength of your lovers, sucking up their power and using it against you. The harder you struggle against it, the more power it has over you.

         The only way to really deal with this Saboteur is to discover the magic, catalytic power within yourself that can neutralize its dark spell. That power comes from the Nature Spirit, the nurturing Source within you. 

         Through this deep work in archetypal psychodrama, you will discover and embody your own version of these elements within yourself, bringing great insight into your present situation in life, and you will learn how to wield the magic power to neutralize the Saboteur within, thus transforming its power over you into your own empowerment. Resolve this conflict of Light and Darkness within, and you will transform your life without.

         This adventure is lots of fun, sometimes scary, and profoundly illuminating!

Yin Yang


Pennell Rock William Pennell Rock, M.Litt. (Cantab.), PhD, is an internationally known teacher of Transpersonal psychology, psychodrama and performance. He trained at Yale, Harvard, King's College, Cambridge in England, the Jung Institute in Zurich, Esalen Institute, Arica Institute, and was a long-time disciple of Osho.

Director of ORIGINS, producing theater and opera performances throughout the world; author of Performing Inside Out. Recently he has been working in Germany and Italy, but is now offering his work in Marin, where he resides.




Register Now! Click above to register for Fri., Sat. and Sun., July 15, 16 and 17.

Workshop participants must also attend the July 14, Thursday night Introduction/first session, which requires separate registration. Register for the Thurs., July 14 Introduction evening. You may wait until the end of the July 14 Intro evening to commit to the rest of the workshop, at which time payment will be due.

You may also participate in an Overview Introduction evening on Friday,  July 8. This session is optional, though recommended.


Comments on the ORIGINS Workshops From Around the World

It was an extraordinary experience to be totally involved in ORIGINS psychodrama work. I keep in my heart, in my body and in my soul the memories of those days, and I’m still having benefits in my life and in my work. For this reason you will have my gratitude forever, and I’m now so sorry cause my poor English can’t find words to express the love for you--Piero Caffo, Matera, Italy


Understanding how the Dark and Light work within me moment to moment is not just A work, but THE Work.  Pennell Rock is a messenger from the Light who presents this work egolessly.  --Emanuela Guardini, Milano, Italia


The concept of sacred performance has been developed by William Pennell Rock over a life time studying the original power of theatre all over the world.  It is a radical way of opening a pathway to true personal transformation through the method of performing inside out. This process has brought me gently but firmly into awareness of how the inner drama has been shaping my life from it’s beginnings, but also helped me to identify and contact the forces inside me that are guiding me through deep trauma towards healing and profound happiness. There is nothing airy fairy about this process, Instead it has giving me powerful tools to cope with the stresses  of my daily life. Thank you, Pennell!  --Sylvia Schoeningh, Berlin, Germany


This Work is healing and it’s fun.  It has been quite astonishing to experience how effectively and accurately we can construct a picture within a kind of amateur theatre of what is playing out in our lives. Whilst initially somewhat constrained (being rather British) by the structure of the archetypes and the agenda of performance, it soon became clear to me that this is a treasure of a new and useful kind of dialogue with the ego. Robustly presented, very thoroughly researched and tested, it has been distilled to a really simple technique.

I know I have barely scratched the surface of this discovery after only two workshops but already there are important tools coming to my aid on a regular basis. This is enabling a greater sense of balance from a knowledge of the causes of certain behaviours. It is as if I’ve been introduced to a fresh psychological currency and one that was very easy to exchange. The illusions continue of course but they are easier to spot! Much more work has to be done. Thank you for leading me to the treasure.  --Leigh Jones, London, England


Giving expression, life and vitality to my fractured parts through acting them out, gave me a powerful inner tool that allows me to bring forth my untapped potential daily.
--Jillian O'Hara, Business & Personal Coach, Higher Alignment Teacher
, San Francisco, California


This work awoke in me the realization that all problems in my outer world were a reflection of my inner world. When I recognized the strength of my inner Saboteur, I was able to fortify my inner spirit.  --(The Hon.) Miranda Cummings-Bruce, London, England


Pennell Rock is a master of archetypal exploration. His workshop allowed me to explore my different selves with depth and compassion. His facilitation provided a safety net for me to really go out on a limb.   --Sam Mills, Poet & Bard, Walnut Creek, California


Pennell’s workshop (ORIGINS) has been very effective, precisely thanks to the body work, that brings about a higher awareness of one’s inner parts; bringing them to light and acting in a cathartic way during the workshop. Exposing the most profound aspects and their mechanism, have immediately had a “domino effect” in my daily life, bringing about a vision both wider and different of myself, that created a new way of relating with me and others.

         This kind of Archetype-work shows us our humanity and its beauty, how different we are and each a special one, thanks to individual characteristics that, when highlighted, take us to feeling stronger and yet united to others and to the rest of the world, because at the same time as we are all different, we are all the same.  --Carla Cantore, Florence


This workshop has helped me to see my life journey from a different perspective: I had an insight of the connections between my life's journey and ancient myths, and through this I am now actually LIVING my connection to humankind and I'm able to feel what will help me to get out of the present quicksand so that I can get back on track toward the person I am destined to be.  --Diego Innocenti, Milano, Italy


At the end of workshop, I felt very “full”, of emotions, joy, good sensations, as a contact with my most deep essence.  This experience for me is very, very strong and fruitful: I contacted essential parts of me, in effect “originals”, that live at the origin of my being. The use of body and “theater”, in the way interpreted and explained by Pennell, is, I think, the secret of difference between this workshop and other experience.So by this workshop I make real contact with my basic parts, that played beyond my awareness, and it seems to me that I have a greater consciousness of them. Also I feel a very greater trust in the process, in Life, in me-in my way... Or, as Pennell told me, I heard my own “personal song”, my inside song, and so, now, I have a more clear guide in her.   --Daniela Ghidini, Roma, Italia


1)  Sunday night I felt very good and kept feeling so in the following days too; I felt particularly connected to the higher level of unconscious: this feels very good and reassuring;

2)  Together with the experience I take home a clear awareness of our dual nature: in particular, of how the monster acts as well as of the effects – positive, after all – created by the monster;

3)  I think that the awareness so acquired (as above) will help me to weaken the grip of my monster/Saboteur and give me the possibility of better using my potential. As of now, it has helped me to better accept myself, to be happier of myself; loosen the monster’s grip has helped me to disidentify from it and to therefore have a more positive idea of myself; and this makes me more at peace, light and full of humor.

4)  In my activity with other people in difficulty, I intend to transmit the newly acquired awareness, in a way that allows other people to benefit from it.

5)  In a nutshell, I contacted my inner child, full of optimism and life joy (whatever might happen) and my inner critic, never satisfied (with what I might achieve).

.6)  Using the body made the difference: it has helped me to better understand my inner mechanisms, better recognize my parts and, above all, has cut off my Super-ego, the mind that keeps on with critical thinking and reception. I deem the use of the body absolutely fundamental on the way toward self-awareness; otherwise the mind has the “go!” toward deceiving us. By using the body, our blocks must come to the surface: “in mente mendacium, in copore veritas” (The mind may lie, but in the body truth is found). --Virginio Schiavetti, Milano, Italia


Coming back home I have realized that my Inner Romance can continue to empower my Hero. Resentment maybe acts as I feel again how the Monster eats the receptivity needed to activate properly my Yang energy . Resentment, as the Monster, eats the core Yin in my Yang. My Hero feels definitely better when he opens the window to meet the Spirit of Nature and when he can dance with his Heroine. I agree with you that the Magic Implement is vital to me as connection more than just as smiling lightness.

My Hero's mission seems also to become more clear as it is to recognize Light in the dark of the night and also to feel light where is already the brightness of sun. My performances in front of the group have been pure and free as they were born from a quest for Light. Performances have been a gift to myself for my personal process and to the group for its own process, showing a crisis that went to solution.

 In my understanding all the process is going on. Crisis is a needed step that teaches me a lot. I am continuing work on myself to clear my "block person". I feel happy as the "block person" performed in order to cure me, a kind of solvable and solved crisis in front of the group. As my Monster has not showed such destructive power from the beginning, but has now finally showed it, I feel grateful to myself, to my witness I mean, and to the members of the group who supported me and to you.  --Maddelena Colangelo, Matera, Italy, ORIGINS Assistant

Register Now! Click above to register for the three days: Fri., Sat. and Sun., July 15, 16 and 17.

Full workshop participants must also attend the Thursday evening, July 14 Intro session, which is part of the workshop in addition to these three days. Click here to register for the Thursday, July 14, introduction evening session.

There is an additional, optional (recommended) Intro/Overview session on Fri., July 8.

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