Sunrise Center 


Friday, September 6. 2019
7:30 to 9:30 PM PT

Please note: This month LDND&B  is on the
third Wednesday
, not our usual first Friday.


Sunrise Center 
645 Tamalpais Drive
Suite A
Corte Madera, CA 94925

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Our September guest presenter is
Jang Jaswal

IJang Jaswaln 2013, Jang Jaswal, a scientist and adamant atheist, had a heart and kidney transplant. During the 12-hour surgery, he was clinically dead while the new heart was being inserted and started.


"I found myself in a place that I seemed to have known before, as if I had come home. I was not afraid or even surprised. A presence was communicating with me telepathically. Even before I would finish thinking a thought or question, the explanation or answer would pop up in my mind.  


"I was shown planet Earth spinning on its axis and moving very fast. Whole solar systems and many stars and galaxies passed by me. Then I saw a huge golden white light that started moving towards me. When its rays fell on me and soaked me in its light I felt total rest and peace, as if I were finally home -- with total fulfillment. I felt as if I became part of that light. Time stood still and I was in total bliss for what could have been an eternity.


"Then I was told that I had to go back to life on earth. I did not want to return, but I surrendered. When I woke up, to everybody's surprise -- especially mine -- I involuntarily loudly chanted sacred mantras.


"Since my return, my life has changed profoundly: I have become more loving and tolerant of others. Things do not bother me. I am not afraid of the unknown or of dying. Also, to the amazement of my physicians and family, I am having a remarkable recovery of health without any complications or side effects. I am filled with gratitude, peace and love."


Present! - Jang Jaswal's Near-Death Experience

Present! - Jang Jaswal's Near-Death Experience


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Location: Sunrise Center, 645 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera 94925. 
We are located behind the Bank of America building, two blocks off Hwy 101.   
Take the Tamalpais exit and head west toward Corte Madera. The 645 Tamalpais office building is on the left, just past the Bank of America. It's a light beige building with brick columns and tall windows. Parking is in the front, or in our side parking lot, between the BofA and our building, accessed from Meadowsweet Road.


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