Thursday, October 12, 2023
7 to 10 PM PT

This evening is complete in itself and also the first in a series of evenings and weekends in the ORIGINS series.

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Sunrise Center 
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Sunrise Center 
Sunrise Center 


ORIGINS Introduction 1
What Can You Depend Upon?
Discovering Your Power and
Learning How to Trust

with William Pennell Rock,
Master of Archetypal Psychodrama

This evening is the first of two different introductions to the ORIGINS series of day-long and weekend workshops being offered in 2023/2024 Participating in this particular introduction/overview is optional, though highly recommended as a pre-requisite to the longer workshops.


Origins Performing


ORIGINS  Introduction-1: What Can You Depend Upon?
Discovering Your Power and Learning How to Trust


ORIGINS deals not just with the good and desirable, but the whole. The first step is to meet and experience your dynamic wholeness in a process called CHAOS. In exercises carefully crafted and with safe parameters, you learn how to let yourself go free into instinctual spontaneity and cathartic expression without judgment or inhibition.

You learn how to “take your space” with confidence. This produces a sense of power and freedom of being. This, on its own, is great for spontaneity and breaking through inhibitions in any situation. It also teaches the basic performing technique of ORIGINS, performing inside out. You will come away feeling amazingly energized and free, reflecting the basic purpose of the ORIGINS Work.

This first introductory evening is complete in itself and, though not a pre-requisite to the upcoming day-long and three-and-a-half-day workshops in the ORIGINS series, it is highly recommended if you will be participating in those workshops.


About ORIGINS: Magic Theater

 “Be the star in your own movie”
 And what is that movie?

For the most part we live in front of a curtain, a shadow-infused masquerade that pervades our existence and makes a strange grappling of our lives and communications. Through a process of Jungian-based archetypal psychodrama, ORIGINS helps you find your own personal myth. This myth takes you behind the curtain to meet and clarify the real forces that shape your life -- the evolutionary and the self-destructive parts of yourself -- and to engage them in a kind of diplomacy by which you can remain on top of your situation and move with confidence through life’s transformations. Understanding yourself and your own journey allows you to make better decisions by being true to yourself and your own needs. This is not A work of existence, but THE work.

The movie, this myth, is the essential adventure of your life.

ORIGINS is a body of work based on a Process of experiential learning developed over many years of research and therapeutic experience in workshops. It is a psychodrama method for generating and working with individual and group mythology to bring about psychological and spiritual well-being.

It is Magic Theater that shows you who you are and clarifies your divine nature.  Within each of us live the archetypes common to all of humanity.  By recognizing, embodying and realizing these archetypes within, we actualize and empower ourselves.

ORIGINS is a whole curriculum, a body of work tied together as a process of clarifying transformation and empowerment.  You benefit most from experiencing all of them, but this is not required.

ORIGINS uses the two universal story forms, the Hero’s Journey and the Romance Archetype, as frameworks to provide two basic Processes for dramatic Self-transforming. Each ORIGINS Workshop is based on one of the two monomyths. The Workshops orchestrate meditation, guided fantasy, expressive movement and psychodrama performance in a ritualized form to generate individual myths of the participants. We use these myths for analysis, self-awareness, and therapeutic development. In subsequent stages of ORIGINS, these myths are transformed into performing art forms. Inspired by ancient ritual, these productions have a healing or sacred function.

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A different, second Introduction, ORIGINS Introduction 2 is offered on Friday, October 27. More information here.



Pennell Rock William Pennell Rock, M.Litt. (Cantab.), PhD, is an internationally known teacher of Transpersonal psychology, psychodrama and performance. He has been trained at Yale, Harvard, King's College, Cambridge in England, the Jung Institute in Zurich, Esalen Institute, Arica Institute, and was a long-time disciple of Osho.

He is director of ORIGINS, producing theater and opera performances throughout the world. and is the author of Performing Inside Out.  In the last years he has been working primarily in Germany and Italy, but he is now introducing his work in Marin, where he resides.

For more information see the ORIGINS website: www.sacredperformance.com.


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