Monday July 8, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM CDT
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Texas State Capitol - South Steps 
1100 Congress Ave., TX 78701  



Dean Wright 
New Revolution Now 
888-676-7221 x:701 

#Stand4Life Rally 


The time is here for Texans to take a stand for life! Please join us for a pro-life rally on Monday July 8, at 7 p.m. on the south steps of the Texas State Capitol. We are asking every Texan supportive of life to come to Austin to stand in unison in protection for the unborn and women. Bring a bus, fill vans, bring your church – bring everyone willing to take a stand for life. Please make plans to attend and wear blue in support!

It is critically important that pro-life Texans have a large presence at the Capitol next week. It is expected that the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, HB 2, could be heard on the House floor as early as Tuesday. It also is anticipated that the Senate version of the bill, SB 1, will have a committee hearing as early as Monday morning. This life-saving bill will protect the unborn after 20 weeks and protect women who choose abortion by placing reasonable regulations on clinics in Texas.


Speakers: Gov, Mike Huckabee, The Duggars Family, First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress, CWA President Penny Nance, March for Life President Jeanne Monahan and our leading pro-life state elected servants and leaders.

Can't make it? - The rally will be streamed live at On Point Broadcasting and broadcasted live at KLGO.net 1490 AM Austin.

Also on Monday in the Capitol extension room E1.036 at 10:00 am the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee will hear the omnibus pro-life bill SB 1 and your help is once again urgently needed. Witness registration starts at 9:00 am. If you can testify, you are allotted 2 minutes and you must bring 20 copies of your written testimony with your name on each. HEARING NOTICE

Support LIFE!

Austin Tea Party