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Spring 2017 Home Group Registration 

Take the Next Right! 


This new COFFEE series is going to guide us into the wise and purposed lives we’ve all been longing for! 

In "Take the Next Right," we'll discover how to see, receive and proceed with God's signs!  We're going to have such fun exploring how God speaks to us and guides us to the life He wants us to have! 

Our study consists of 6 sessions in home groups and 2 more large gatherings with Kim.  When you register here, you're registering for a HOME GROUP. 

You'll be asked to indicate the home group you wish to attend.  If none are convenient for you, you'll be asked to provide your location and day/evening preference so we can help.

We are asking a $25 donation to the ministry for participation in this study.  If you have a concern about this, please email the Event Contact (email is on the left side of this page) or speak with your facilitator. We want every woman who has the desire to participate to be able to do so. 

If you prefer to take care of the donation via check or cash, you can still Register on this site by using the Promo code COFFEE222 Enter the code and click APPLY.  We'll notify the facilitator and you can give your donation to her when you attend. 

Your home group faciitator will provide the dates of your sessions. Most groups are starting this week - February 5-9.  Can't wait to have you join us for "Take the Next Right"!