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Student Work - Elements Of Design

This "year-long" course of study in the Dallas/Fort Worth area consists of nine one-day, Saturday sessions per month. That's more than 70 hours of instruction in 9 days, PLUS a weekly, online component to keep students involved and engaged between in-person class sessions.

Class begins JAN 5, 2019 and ends SEP 7, 2019 with one make up day (in case of inclement weather).
JAN 5, 2019
FEB 2,
MAR 16
JUN 15
JUL 13
AUG 17

The elements of design will be studied as they relate specifically to calligraphy and hand lettering. Lettering art is a unique art form that features text written by hand. Usual approaches to teaching design have an orientation toward working with images, rather than text. Design teaching related to text is usually oriented toward graphic design.
Each month the focus will be on one element of design in depth. Over the course of nine months, students will study the elements of Line, Texture, Shape, Value, Form, Color, and Space as they apply to lettering. The emphasis is on learning to think in terms of design rather than on the finished work, though the completion of finished pieces is part of the course. The class is more process oriented than product oriented.
The online classroom component encourages additional participation with weekly online exercises on CourseCraft.net.

This is not a beginning lettering course. Scribes should know at least 3 lettering styles, for example;  Monoline, Italic, Textura, Fraktur. Uncial, Gothicized Italic, Roman Capitals, Rustic, etc.
ADULT Students (over the age of 18) should meet the prerequisites and complete Cora's Questionnaire which is included in the REGISTRATION PACKET.

The Questionnaire is several pages and a way for Cora to get to know her students, to see what the strengths and challenges there are for the group as a whole, and for you to get clear about your strengths, challenges and goals. Cora has found the information contained on these forms very helpful for planning the class. It is also a good way to make sure the course is a good match for you.

The tuition for this course is $1,400.00.
Your seat and tuition rate is guaranteed with a $100 non-refundable deposit. Installment plan is available.
Online payments and installment plans incur processing fees.

Tuition includes in-person class/instruction, lunch and continuous, ongoing contact with access to the online component to the course.

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Payments sent in a hand-lettered, decorated envelope qualify for a decorated lettering contest with prizes.

Special rates for lodging are available. Please contact the Coordinator for additional information.

Venue is located in the North Dallas area. Stacy Furniture, White Chapel Church and Createria Studios.

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds for deposits on this course unless, in the unlikely event this course is cancelled or your Questionnaire parameters do not match the course model. Due to the planning involved, we depend on the deposits/committments to hold the course. If your plans change, a refund is only possible if there is someone on the waiting list who can fill your spot.

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Cora Pearl is a full time calligrapher and teacher of lettering arts. She teaches full credit classes in Calligraphy and Hand Lettering at Portland Community College, various lettering arts workshops at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, independent classes and workshops in lettering and design and taught at the Letters of Joy Conference in Seattle, the IAMPETH 2016 conference in Portland,  the International Calligraphy Conference, Letterworks 2017, in Ogden, Utah, at Letters California Style in 2018 and will be teaching at TypeCon in 2018. Cora received a Regional Arts and Culture Council grant to take master classes with Sheila Waters in the fall of 2015 as well as a grant to attend Seattletters, the 38th International Calligraphy Conference. She majored in Art and Art History at Oberlin College. Cora is passionate about teaching and values a holistic approach to learning based on building trust and safety in the classroom environment.