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Jack Morgan



Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM EST

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November 2020 Virtual Chapter Meeting:

The IoT (Internet of Things) and the Wireless Mesh Network for Buildings   


This transformational technology is here now and impacting the management of buildings today. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption and utilization of these platforms to help solve problems that building owners and managers face as people return to work. Now is the time to begin understanding the IoT and its potential impacts on facilities of all types. The IoT allows objects and devices to be sensed or controlled remotely across a network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems. The net result of this is improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit in addition to reduced human intervention. I will provide a brief summary of the IoT and where it came from and where it is heading. We will explore the major IoT protocols being used today. We will also touch on what is coming in the future but not yet here.   

Learning Objective 1 – Define and identify the IoT in a relatable way

Learning Objective 2 – Understand the opportunities and constraints of the IoT in the built environment

Learning Objective 3 - Discuss trends and implications of Smart Homes, Smart Cities, AI and machine learning to stakeholders

Learning Objective 4 - Learn to identify which technologies apply to the industrial, Commercial and Residential market segments and how to adopt a position to leverage the IoT and implement solutions today. 

About the Speaker:

Travis Willis is a passionate believer in the power of technology to help people feel more safe and secure. As a 20+ year veteran of the commercial openings industry, with 15 of those years in access control and physical security, he has been involved in a diverse array of projects and applications. He is CEO of Circumflex, LLC. a consultancy that connects manufacturers and IoT technology companies to build smarter products for tomorrows world. He is also Head of Business Development for Spintly, the world’s first wireless mesh network access control solution.