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Wednesday, February 7, 2024 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM CET
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EMCC Global Research Admin - Kirsty Money-Osborne 
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EMCC Global Research Development: Why research matters to us as practitioners with Professor David Lane

This is the first in a series of workshops.  This inaugural session sets the stage for our exploration.  In subsequent workshops, we will delve deeper into the heart of practitioner research.  Expect discussions on methodologies, practical applications, and the transformative power of research within our field.

As coaching practitioners, we do not merely observe from the side lines; we actively shape the evolving landscape of coaching.  Research plays a pivotal role in our professional development, honing our skills, and enhancing our interactions with clients. In this series, we will explore the practicalities of practitioner research, bridging theory and practice.

 Key questions we will address:

  1. Why research matters to us as coaching practitioners.
  2. What does practitioner research look like?
  3. Why being an insider researcher adds real value to your practice?
  4. Defining your research purpose - what makes it worthwhile?
  5. Defining your research perspective - what approaches work well for practitioners?
  6. Defining your research process - how to structure a research study.

The Journey Ahead: Curiosity will be our compass. Let us embark on this research journey together.

Presenter: Professor David Lane