Friday, July 17, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT
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This is an online event. 


Karen Ginther 
SCORE Greater Seattle 
SCORE’s Small Business Essentials Workshops prepare individuals to make the right decisions and create actionable plans when starting a small business. Whether you are starting a business on your own (one-person business) or a business with employees, we have the right set of workshops to help you succeed.  All the workshops are about three hours in length and taught by experienced SCORE Mentors.  See more information on these workshops here

Online Webinar Information

This is an online meeting via ZOOM online conferencing software. There will be no classroom presentation.  ZOOM requires an internet connection and can run on PCs, Macs and on both Apple and Android tablets and cellphones.  ZOOM will display the presentation and also broadcast the audio though your computer or device. If your computer does not have sound, an optional telephone number will be provided to call in when you log into ZOOM.


Getting Your Non-Profit Organization Started (Online) -C0055 

You have a great idea. Perhaps you want to change the world or just your local community. You think you may want to form a non-profit organization. What is a non-profit organization? Why should you or shouldn’t you form a non-profit? Is a Non-Profit Organization the right way to accomplish your mission?

Greater Seattle SCORE Business Mentor Albert “AL” Bodero will cover:

This workshop will analyze various aspects of starting and running a non-profit organization, including the following:

  • The formation of a non-profit organization (NPO).
  • Fundamentals of an effective NPO business plan, including how to create a budget.
  • Identifying the board, staff, and volunteers needed to provide the community with the service(s) your new NPO will provide to address the community’s needs.
  • The different types of funding and fund-raising plans best suited for your NPO resource and financial needs.
  • The legal, accounting and tax requirements to maintain your NPO’s status for both the federal and state governments.

Attendees will receive a free "Road Map to Success" guide and access to an online personalized assessment to identify their best-matched business opportunities. Free assessments will be available.



      Al Bodero                Ed Belleba

This workshop is co-presented by Al Bodero and Ed Belleba, certified SCORE Mentors.  To learn more about these excellent and experienced presenters, you can view their LinkedIn profiles using the following links:  Al Bodero Ed Belleba