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Ann Lindsay 
Style of Success 


Thursday September 30, 2010 from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT

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On your phone, in a comfy chair! 


Style of Success Free Teleclass:

7 Easy Ways To Influence Anyone, Anytime!

Yes!   I believe there are strategies I can utilize to sway the opinion the other person has of me - whether on a date, making a sales presentation or in the executive offices, and I want my communication efforts to pay off more substantially!

Hello!  That's great because I believe too!  And the best part is it's free, easy and you can get it going immediately.  In this tele-seminar I will be sharing: 

1.  You have the power to make someone feel a certain way through your facial expressions, and I'll tell you how

2.  You can increase (or decrease) the connections you have with others based on how you position your body relative to them, and how you can use this to your own advantage.

3.  You can make the other person relax and trust you to a greater degree with use of certain conversation skills

4.  The art of the complement - either in business or pleasure can warm a heart just the right way - if it's done right

5. What you wear says volumes about you - and I'll tell you how  to ensure you avoid a "disconnect"

6.  Yes, something as simple as your grooming can cause a person to draw in, or out.  What are the top triggers?

7.  You think etiquette skills are unmanly?  I will connect what your mother taught you with some very feminine positive responses.