Thursday, September 21, 2017 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EDT
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Beacon Institute Boat Dock 
Red Flynn Drive
Beacon, NY 12508

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Asher Pacht 
Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, Clarkson University 
845-838-1600 x26 

Hudson Boat Tour: Crossing the River: Following the Waoraneck Trail
A guided tour to Bannerman’s Island with Evan Pritchard

Join Native American author and historian Evan Pritchard of the Center for Algonquin Culture on a 2 ˝-hour journey into the past, to explore the island the Munsee Delaware (Lenape) knew as "Po-laup-pee-el", The Rock that Plows the Waters - Bannerman's Island.

Tracing an ancient trade corridor, the Waoraneck Trail, across Mu’heakantuck (Hudson River) Evan will lead us in reconstructing the long-forgotten Native American geography, mythology, spirituality, language, of our region.

Climb aboard the river vessel Estuary Steward at Beacon Institute’s boat dock in Beacon Harbor, travel to Bannerman’s Island, and return just after nautical sunset. Funds raised from fees for this special event will go to support both the Bannerman’s Castle Trust’s preservation efforts and Beacon Institute’s education and outreach programs.

Evan will speak about:

  • What is the Waoraneck Trail and where does it begin and end? Where did it cross the Hudson River? (Hint: It goes through Bannerman's Island) 
  • Who are the Waoraneck People? Do they still exist today?
  • Who lived on or near the island? Which of their roads do we still use?
  • Who were the Maysing(w) and what locations are named for them still?
  • What is the Northern Gate and why did the Lenape consider Bannerman's Island "haunted?"
  • What is "Pasqua Naqua" and who were her people?
  • What was Breakneck Ridge called?
  • What stories were told about Bannerman's Island?
  • What was the Hudson River called and why?
  • What was Danskammer Point used for and why was it named?
  • What is a Moo-xool? What is it made from? What type of boat was first used here by colonists when crossing from Fisher's Point (Dennings Point) to Newburgh?
  • Who created the first ferry service from Dennings Point to Newburgh Marina?
  • What was the spiritual significance of Mount Beacon? What was it called?
  • What is the translation of Matteawan?
  • Did Henry Hudson view Bannermans' Island? When?
  • What kind of marine life was here before European contact? Were whales here?
  • When did the Munsee stop guarding Bannerman's Island, keeping the valley safe from malevolent spirits?