Friday, June 18, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT


This is an online event. 




Panel Discussion: Navigating These Uncertain Times 

Duration:  2 hours


Challenged by 2020 and its changing business landscape? Ready to be inspired by success stories of small businesses that thrived during that time? This webinar is what you need! 

Every year you set goals, like getting more customers, making more money, expanding your reach. Then extraordinary circumstances upend your best laid plans. Suddenly it looks as if you cannot reach your goals through absolutely no fault of your own.

But some businesses actually thrived even in a very tough year because they changed their business model and pivoted to reflect the new normal. Our panelists are success stories: they recognized the need to make changes, how and what to change and then went out and did it.

They met their goals in these uncertain times.  You can do the same!

Our panel, moderated by SCORE Mentor Sue Shapiro, will consist of 3 business owners who will discuss:

  • What their business looked like in January 2020
  • How the pandemic impacted their business
  • What steps they took to adapt to the changing business climate
  • What worked and what didn’t
  • To what degree they were able to achieve their goals
  • What they will be doing going forward despite or because of our changing times

Small business owners providing services or products and challenged by 2020 events who are looking for ways to adapt their business so they can get on a growth track in 2021.

Moderator:  Sue Shapiro

Formerly, President and CEO of a very large international travel consortium that markets travel products to agency clients, and today, a travel writer.  Experienced in development of marketing materials, negotiations, customer databases, and Web sites. Expert in outbound marketing, strategic alliances, sales, event planning, and public relations.