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Saturday July 27, 2013 at 2:00 PM 
Saturday July 27, 2013 at 6:00 PM 

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Awakening NY 
607 Manhattan Ave
b/w Nassau Ave and Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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Basic Food and Supplement Testing 


        WOman looking puzzled   What to eat question mark Every few months a new fad diet appears on the scene. We are bombarded with information espousing the benefits of the blood type diet, zone diet, south beach diet, and paleolithic principles. We are told to avoid gluten and dairy and to eat “super” foods like maca and goji berry.

So, how do we know which foods to eat? Is our favorite "health" food helping or harming us? Specialized Energy Kinesiology is the key to solving these questions. Through the application of accurate muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism you can take the guess work out of choosing what foods are good for you by asking your body for the answer.

Women eating and driking wineFood basket

“One man’s food is another man’s poison.”

Kinesiological muscle testing enables us to individualize our nutrition by determining which foods will build our life energy and boost our function. As well as finding out those foods that have a negative effect on the body by stealing our energy.

Workshop Overview
Come discover an unbeatable approach to determining for yourself your body’s nutritional needs. 

In this 4 hour introductory course you will learn

  • How to accurately use kinesiology muscle testing to determine foods and supplements that raise your life energy and those that deplete it
  • Complete a basic screening for food sensitivities

This is a hands-on experiential class designed to teach you easy and effective tools to use with yourself, your family and friends. You will actually try out, experience and play with these skills in the workshop.

Muscle testing

Note: Participants should bring those supplements or foods that they are interested in determining their compatibility with.

This workshop will be taught by ICPKP Kinesiologists and Faculty of ICOHA - Ken Campbell and Erin Davis.

         Ken Campbell TeachingErin headshot

Awakening NY

Our venue for this workshop will be Awakening NY, an exciting
new urban sanctuary in the heart of Greenpoint/Williamsburg. They are an
eco-green 7,000 sq.ft. Wellness Center and Healthy Cafe easily accessible
from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

To ensure quality learning seating is limited.

Click below to reserve your seat while there is still room!

Prerequisites - None!  This course is an entry level workshop open to anyone who wants to learn.

Workshop Fees

This 4-hour workshop fee is $60 (Includes tuition and easy-to-read manual so you can use your newly learnt skills at home). Registration closes Thursday 25th July 2013 .

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Community & Continuing Education Policies

Refund Policy

  • Cancellations greater than 30 days prior will receive full refund (excluding non-refundable deposit)
  •  Cancellation after 30 yet prior to 15 days prior will receive refund minus administrative fee of $50/event day  (i.e.1 day class $50,  2 day class $100, 3 day class $150, etc.)
  • No refunds issued for cancellations less than 14 days including No Shows.

Cautions and Considerations
The purpose of this workshop is to provide an introduction to energy kinesiology and food testing. It was designed as a community education class to inform the lay community of simple skills they can use to
boost their health and improve their own lives.

The material presented is for you to use on yourself and your family and friends. This workshop does not give you enough training to use these techniques in a professional practice.

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