Wednesday October 12, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT
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Jason Cornellier 
Coretek Services
Cloud Practice Manager


Jason Cornellier is the Practice Manager of Coretek Cloud at Coretek Services. Jason has worked with, in and around technology for over 20 years and has interfaced with customers of all shapes and sizes and in every industry. He has designed and deployed solutions in over 20 different countries, nine of the top ten Fortune 500 companies, and presented at over twenty national conferences.

Prior to  his current role, Jason worked at Microsoft where he travelled the world, designing and delivering unique solutions for customers and their respective businesses. He was the America's CTO of special team of Architects known as the Worldwide Center of Excellence for Cloud and Datacenter. He has mentored over 60 architects and outside of Microsoft written over a dozen white papers and had hundreds of successful cloud implementations.

Cyndi Meinke
Coretek Services
Director of Sales


Cyndi has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has been consulting in the healthcare industry since 2006.  Cyndi truly understands the perspective of the client as she started her career as an IT Director in 1990.  She’s seen the transformation of technology, especially in healthcare, to a virtualized infrastructure with many opportunities to save on costs and improve patient care.  Cyndi has forged partnerships with several, large, national healthcare organizations across the US and specializes in meaningful use, virtualization, security, risk management and regulatory compliance.


On this episode of MythBusters:

Join this webinar to discover the myths and truths behind costs associated with the cloud.  It can save you more than you think!

Are you...
  • Struggling to Maintain Your Competitive Advantage?
  • Replacing Hardware?
  • Building a Disaster Recovery Site?
  • Replacing a Back Up System?
  • Adding a New Workload Application?
  • Tired of Data Center RIP and Replace?
  • Looking to shift to Operational after Capital Budget Shortage?
STOP and go to straight to the cloud!
We will highlighting the key components need to deploy a cloud solution, along with a schedule to keep your cloud strategy on track to maintain its effectiveness.

Traditional IT shops spend 75% of their budget on maintenance and support activities, and less than 25% on strategic initiatives.

Coretek Services is a Systems Integration and IT Consulting Company that delivers high value and innovative solutions.  Coretek works with your team to custom-design an IT architecture based on each clients' unique requirements; the solution encompasses server and desktop virtualization, optimization of a virtual desktop environment, cloud desktop, mobile device management, infrastructure consulting and project management.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve Project Success. No exceptions. For more information, visit coretekservices.com