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Sunday December 4, 2011 

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HOPE Sunday Campaigns

December 4, 2011

The Mission America Coalition City/Community Ministries (MAC) in partnership with The New York City Leadership Center is prayerfully approaching Strategic National Ministry Partners to participate in and to promote the first annual National HOPE Sunday Campaigns (NHSC) as part of the ongoing MAC Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle practice. Christians and their neighbors and friends are encouraged to practice the Prayer-CARE-Share lifestyle by expressing acts of care towards orphans/vulnerable children and widows in the hurting places of the world.

The Hope Sunday Campaign has a goal of sponsoring 1000 Ugandan orphans/vulnerable children through the care of Christians from 50 congregations on a single day (December 4, 2011) toward the long-term goal of having every known orphan in a developing nation sponsored by year 2020. Church Members will be invited to select photos of the child(ren) they elect to sponsor from Uganda at $35 each month with a Prayer-Care-Share commitment! The sponsorships will be processed through World Vision: A trusted and proven Christian partner in Community Impact & Transformation.

Since HIV/AIDS was first identified in Uganda and the disease is the most globally devastating in the past 100 years, it is fitting that the country that first experienced the impact of the disease would be one of the first to experience a massive flow of collaborative Christ-like CARE. 

We are inviting select leaders to register their congregation to participate as one of 50 in the National Hope Sunday Campaign Sunday, December 4, 2011 by clicking on the registration button below.  After registering at this site, we will follow up with each leader/congregation to explain the next steps.  The Deadline to register your congregation is November 15 in order to participate on December 4th.

Pastors/Leaders, by clicking the link below to register, your congregation will be one of the first to participate in the first annual National HOPE Sunday Campaigns as Christians practice the Prayer-CARE-Share Lifestyle by demonstrating acts of care and compassion towards vulnerable orphans and widows in the hurting places of the world!

Thanks for praying for the Lord to use the Body of Christ to communicate his Heart for people that would result in many trustingly responding to the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Pastors/Leaders, please click below to register your congregation for the National Hope Sunday Campaign!