Boot Camp


Perpetual Development Team 

Boot Camp Objectives

As a result of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Explain and apply successful sign-to-voice and voice-to-sign parameters
  • Explain and apply the EIPA Performance Criteria
  • Create self/peer analysis rubric(s)
  • Explain and apply the expanded version of the EIPA Professional Conduct Guidelines
  • Discuss and list the differences between ASL, MCE and PSE

EIPA Boot Camp - Individual 

Prior to registering for the Group Certification Prep Boot Camp you must read the information listed below in its entirety so that you understand general expectations of the program. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

This program will help you prepare for the EIPA Test. Your challenges will focus on sign-to-voice and voice-to-sign interpreting with a special focus on education interpreting. Each week you will research different areas of our field and apply your knowledge through weekly challenges.

Our Boot Camps are designed to challenge you and take your skills to the next level. Participants are expected to do the following tasks weekly:

  • Video themselves interpreting voice-to-sign and sign-to-voice
  • Analyze their work
  • Research the EIPA Guidelines for Professional Conduct
  • Search for, and become familiar with, resources for interpreting skills development and for addressing ethical issues that will present themselves during the career of an interpreter
  • Research vocabulary
  • Exercise critical thinking skills to address an ethical scenario

What is a typical week of Boot Camp like?
You will receive 8 sets of Weekly Challenges. You receive them all at the beginning of Boot Camp so you can work around your busy schedule.
  • Each week you are expected to video tape yourself interpreting sign-to-voice and voice-to-sign using the source material we provide you.
  • You are encouraged to analyze your work each week and to choose an area of focus each week.
  • You are expected to submit a Weekly Report (a template is provided). Weekly Reports are due each week on Saturdays by 11:59pm Central but can be turned in early anytime during the week.

What technology/computer requirements are required to participate in a Boot Camp?

  • High-speed Internet to access the various websites listed in your weekly challenges. The faster your internet connection the quicker your videos will upload to YouTube, and the quicker you will be able to access the videos you will be utilizing for your challenges.
  • Email: we will use your email address from your application for ALL Boot Camp correspondences.
  • Video camera to record your work. As long as you can upload your videos to YouTube, you can use any type of camera you wish.
  • YouTube (or similar program): you will be sharing your work via a YouTube account. All of your videos will be marked unlisted and can only be viewed by people you give your specific YouTube-generated URL to.
    Please note: YouTube does not instantly upload videos. It does take time for the uploading process; please plan accordingly.
  • Microsoft Word is used to complete the Weekly Report template.
What if online resources are not working properly, can I contact Perpetual Development for support?

In an effort to minimize the fee of this program to participants, Perpetual Development does not provide troubleshooting or tech support for the various web-based tools utilized for this program. This program is completely web-based via several online tools. General instructions for these tools will be provided. You will have access to the challenges in advance. We strongly encourage you to not wait until the last minute to attempt to complete your challenges – as with any technology, we are bound to experience delays and technological challenges. The best way to combat this is to expect it. Please plan ahead.

Does the cost of Boot Camp include the cost of my test?
Boot Camp prices do not include test registration - we encourage you to have your exam paid in full in preparation of taking a Boot Camp.

Is there a Mock Test included in the price of Boot Camp?
Performance Boot Camps will include the opportunity for participants to receive a Diagnostic Assessment for an additional $65 fee if you sign up at the time of your application. If you decide later that you would like to have a diagnostic assessment the fee will be $75.

Will I receive feedback from the program coordinators?
No, our program is specifically designed to be a self-analysis Boot Camp - this also helps us keep the price of the Boot Camp at a lower cost. We have found success with this design approach as it emphasizes and develops peer mentoring skills, teaming skills, and creates an environment of productive vulnerability. If you are looking for additional feedback, we suggest you add our custom Mock Test/Diagnostic Assessment to your Boot Camp experience (see question above).

What if I am going to be on vacation or unavailable during the 8 weeks? 
Our Boot Camps are designed to work around your schedule; you can work ahead as your schedule allows but are required to have all program requirements completed by the end of the eight weeks.

If for some reason I cannot complete Boot Camp or am not satisfied, can I receive a refund?
Once your start Boot Camp you have access to the entire program and curriculum. We do not offer refunds due to your access to our proprietary materials. This is in line with comparable online courses that must protect their materials and the integrity of the program.

How do I "graduate" from Boot Camp?
Participants who complete all of the challenges successfully will receive a certificate of completion and be considered graduates of the program. 

Does graduating from Boot Camp guarantee that I will pass the performance exam?
No. Graduating from one of our Boot Camps means you have successfully completed an 8-week program, it does not ensure you will pass the test. Participants that have invested time and intentionality to this program have found great success and experienced professional growth. As with any professional development endeavor, you will get out of this program what you put into it.

How do I earn CEUs for Boot Camp?
This Boot Camp offers CEUs upon successful completion of the program at no extra charge. On the application there is a check box to indicate if you would like to earn CEUs. Please check that box and include your RID #. After the final week of Boot Camp you must complete the evaluation form that will be provided to you; once we have received your evaluation and have confirmed that all requirements have been satisfied we will submit the CEU paperwork on your behalf.

Do I need to turn in the guide sheets from Sign Language Specialists?
You can choose to use the guide sheets for your own development, but these activities are not required as part of our program or for CEUs.

I noticed Sign Language Specialists offers CEUs, can I earn CEUs from Sign Language Specialists as well as the K-12 Skill Enhancement Series? 
There is no opportunity to earn additional CEUs with Sign Language Specialists as they are already incorporated in the K-12 Skill Enhancement Series.


Please contact us if you have any questions!

We want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what is expected of this program.

We look forward to being part of your professional develop!

Once you have read the FAQ's and Boot Camp objectives, please register by clicking the button below:Register Now!