Friday, April 2, 2021 at 6:30 PM PDT
Sunday, April 4, 2021 at 4:30 PM PDT

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Lauri Shainsky 
SoulNote and LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism 

Shamanic Sound Intensive: Manifesting Weekend (LS-230D

SoulNote Shamanic Sound & LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism

Facilitated by Dr. Lauri Shainsky, Shamanic Sound Healer/Instructor


During this West-facing weekend, we are deeply remembering that everything is singing itself into being. Exploring the shamanics and physics of manifestation, we have practical experiences of learning and healing. In this fascinating inquiry into this process of bringing things into being, we get to experiment how to engage with sound, spirit, intention, awareness, soul. Matrices of energy and matter are revealed to us in a multiverse of ways and layers, through all of our senses. In our crucible of creation, we partner with allies from the Divine, who vibrate through us as spirit-guided intentional sound. Through sound, spirit, awareness, the open heart, listening, we invite graceful & fruitful adjustments, enhancements, dismemberments, and reformulation, reconstructions, of our energy and material matrices. We listen and change the stories we are telling ourselves about ourselves and the world. Most importantly, we explore what it means and feels like to be a potent clear and discerning channel for the Divine—which contributes to life, spiritual nourishment, grace and hope on Earth.

This weekend's arc of evolution begins with ceremonial gathering and setting of personal and communal intentions together (one of the differences between this Intensive, and Module Weekends).

All of my Shamanic Sound Healing Experiences will assist you to:  

Come into a more potent vibrational relationship and exchange with our helping Spirits and the Divine  

When we make sound with our voices in particular, our whole physicality vibrates. We are acutely alert, listening, feeling Spirit move through us as we pray, bless, thank, engage in healing. This training helps one become an instrument that responds to and converses with the divine realms through intentional sound.  

Prepare our energy field, mind, body, soul, and sacred spaces for our healing ceremonies  

As we step into the healing hoop, we can comfortably, confidently, powerfully use sound—singing, toning, chanting, speaking, rattling, drumming, bowling-- to energetically open to, charge with, and channel currents of spiritual power and wisdom.  

Change our states of consciousness for accessing NOR  

We become more comfortable (and deeply intrigued!) with using our voices to entrance us and others. We learn how follow our voice into our journeys 

Amplify the effectiveness and potency of our shamanic healing procedures** through knowledgeable and effective use of intentional vibratory frequencies (especially our voices) .  

We focus especially on creating a partnership between our voices, and other instruments, and learn new dimensions and textures to the compassionate universe in which we do our healing and learning.  

Tap into the wise, vibrating, creative universe to manifest new fruitful matrices, structures, circumstances, realities, formations of energy and matter.  

We become attuned to our powerful energetic self, both individuated from and blended with the Divine, serving as a conduit, antennae, instrument for change through intentional, spirit-guided sound.  

Again, Thank you for saying yes. Once you register we will be in dialogue for co-creating our learning and healing together.