Thursday November 5, 12 and 19, 2015


5:00 PM to 6:30 PM PDT

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the MEDITATION ROOM @ Bickford & Covington 
Redlands, CA 92373

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a Bickford & Covington Event 

November... It's time to register for the November's Thursday night group!  This group is for those who have attended at least one seminar or group and are familiar with Consciousness, the Map of Consciousness and the teachings of Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Keirsey & Dr. Bickford.

This ongoing class offers the EXPERIENCED in consciousness concepts and teachings an opportunity to fine-tune one's understanding of the Map of Consciousness and advance your spiritual forte. Dr. Bickford will be discussing the teachings of Dr. Hawkins with emphasis on the internationally famous Map of Consciousness.

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The Map... here's some details!

1. They are logarithmic, not arithmetic figures

  *LEARN why this is POWERFUL!

2. A small increment by a few points represents a huge increase in magnitude

*JUST 5 points can improve your well-being!

About the levels of consciousness

1. The level of consciousness which you are currently at is a weighted average of the different consciousness levels you operate in

*One influence on your consciousness is the CONTENT & CONTEXT in your life. This includes the situations you are in, the type of people you spend time with, your environment and so on. In times of pressure, one’s consciousness level usually gets bumped down a few levels. Depending on how the person recovers from the pressure, his or her default consciousness level might be elevated to a higher level after the encounter.

*YOU fluctuate!  Learn, in this class, how to stabilize your consciousness!

2. One can move across different levels of consciousness

*CONSCIOUSNESS is open to change; it is not static. Each person is open to move across different levels, depending on how one evolves in their consciousness.


3. Distinction of levels of Power vs. levels of Force

*Hawkins segmented the consciousness into two main categories:

ONE based in force (<200) and ONE based in power (>200). People in levels of Force vibrate at a level of fear-based emotions. They are more inclined to exert control over others or themselves (oppression, force, coercion, manipulation, violence) to achieve their desired outcomes.

4. Each level can be beneficial/detrimental to you depending on your level 

*It is generally more effective when you are around people at higher consciousness levels which are closer to your level (vs. a huge distance ahead), since it is easier for your energy levels to reach resonance with theirs. 

*On the same note, when you elevate yourself to a higher level, it becomes obvious that the lower levels are more limiting. For example, if you are at the level of Pride, you will see how levels of Shame/Guilt/Apathy/Grief/Fear/Desire/Anger bind people down. If you are at the level of Acceptance, you will realize how being at levels of Pride/Courage/Neutrality/Willingness restrain others.

5. At Courage and Acceptance, one experiences a marked leap in the experience of the world


  Where Does Our World Stand Today?

If you are to take a guess, what do you think is the collective consciousness of humanity today? 100? 200? 300? 400? 500?

LEARN these facts and discuss anything and everything with regards to the Map of Consciousness during the month of September!

  • Religious teachings and institutions have drastically lowered in consciousness over the years, as they become embroiled with personal agendas of various people and leaders
  • In first world developed nations, our society is deeply entrenched in states of Fear (100), Desire (125), Pride (175)
  • Fear includes fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of uncertainty. Desire encompasses the insatiable quest for material possessions (wealth and goods), status, power, love, belongingness. Pride takes root from dualistic views such as elitism, competition, nationalism, racial pride, factions, religions, as well as attachment to status/wealth/goods. These are all dominant levels we see our society operating in today.
  • Our mass media continually perpetuates levels of pride, desire, fear, or even lower levels of consciousness.

 What Level of Consciousness Are You At?

What level of consciousness are you at? Which level do you find your thoughts and feelings dominating every day?

Remember that every thought, every belief, every feeling and every action you have is rooted from the level of consciousness you are in. When you shift your level of consciousness, you also change your world views and mentality.