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Never Touched a Tool Before with Rosalind Darielle

Crafting linked bracelets with beads. This class is designed for individuals who have never used jewelry tools before, as well as those seeking to refresh their skills in jewelry making techniques. This beginner-friendly class provides a comprehensive overview of the essential tools used in jewelry making, their names, and functions, while guiding participants through the process of creating beautiful, linked bracelets adorned with beads.

The primary project of the class involves creating linked bracelets with beads. Students will learn how to select and arrange beads, as well as master the techniques required to connect them using different types of links. By the end of the course, participants will have completed their own unique linked bracelet, showcasing their newfound skills and creativity.

In addition to tool education and the main project, the class will cover topics such as proper tool maintenance, safety precautions, and efficient work practices. The instructor will share practical tips and tricks, ensuring that students develop good habits and techniques to enhance their overall jewelry making experience. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced jewelry maker in need of a refresher, this class offers a comprehensive foundation in jewelry tools and techniques.

Join us to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to embark on your own jewelry making journey with confidence and creativity.