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SCORE Portland 

Webinar Recorded on 10/21/2020

Business Basics for Small Business Owners Part 2: Launching Your Business: Legal Entities and Recordkeeping

$10 per person

This workshop is the second of a series of three related workshops that together give a complete overview of all the aspects that a new entrepreneur faces when deciding to start a business.

Four Mentors To Answer All Your Business Needs

This highly acclaimed workshop series is carefully designed to provide a complete overview of the many aspects the new entrepreneur is facing when thinking about starting a business.

Further, we give you the framework for how to undertake what may appear to be daunting tasks:

  • Part 1:

    • Business planning

    • Financing

  • Part 2

    • Legal entities and related issues

    • Record Keeping

  • Part 3

    • Marketing

Four presenters, each an expert in their respective topic will help you learn how to approach each facet in a logical and straightforward manner.

Let us allay your fears by giving you a roadmap to your goal.

As one attendee wrote,

“I’ve been to $400 workshops that weren’t nearly as good as this series.”

Part 2 Presentor: Bill Winton


Bill, along with two business partners, started and operated a manufacturing facility for 20+ years. He brings business planning expertise to the table as well as basic knowledge in all aspects of running a manufacturing business. 

Ticket Info:

  • Tickets are non refundable
  • If you are unable to attend, another person may use the ticket for this event.