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SCORE Portland 

Webinar Recorded on 08/12/2020

Taking your business online: Simple ways getting started building a website with no coding needed

$10 per person

Many times, your website is the place where a relationship with a customer begins. If they have an experience on your website that is clear, memorable, and helpful, they are much more likely to take the next step with you. Learn what it takes to build such a website from the experts.

Delivered by the founders of a successful brand and web design studio, this two-hour webinar will spill all the simple yet powerful ways that you (yes, you!) can build a beautiful website for your business. You’ll learn the basics of web design and messaging, and get guidance for which DIY platform is right for your business. 

In light of the challenges COVID-19 has presented to business owners this year from operating their businesses in-person, it’s more important than ever to have a web presence. 

We’ll cover the following: 

  • Website basics - Why your website matters, and how to make it work for you 

  • Choosing the right platform for building a website without needing to know how to code

  • eCommerce and Payment options

  • When you should consider hiring someone to help, and what to look for 

Presenters: Kate Carter and Nick Carter

Kate Carter is the founder and creative director at Saint Friend, a Portland brand design studio. Before that, she worked under such titles as art director and brand design manager for tech companies like OpenTable and Simple.



Nick Carter is the other founder and creative director at Saint Friend. Before that, he worked as a copywriter for many years at advertising agencies (North, Liquid, Wieden+Kennedy) and led the writing side of the brand team at Simple.

Ticket Info:

  • Tickets are non refundable
  • If you are unable to attend, another person may use the ticket for this event.