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Wednesday, December 2, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PST
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SCORE Portland 

Working with Not-So-Perfect Teams; Figuring out what to do when stuff hits the fan

$10 per person

by SCORE Portland

Getting the most out of your teams is a challenge for any leader. We dream of managing a high performance team, but the reality is extremely challenging. Bring your tricky scenarios to the group for round-robin brainstorming. An expert panel with wide ranging leadership backgrounds will host a lively, solution oriented, and even humorous session.

Getting the most out of your teams is a challenge for any leader. While we all dream of that pie-in-the-sky high performance team, the reality often involves maneuvering hurdles, herding cats and mitigating personality differences. New problems arise and tuning up your team becomes a never ending endeavor. 

Come to this workshop to gain insights and perspectives from an expert panel with wide ranging leadership backgrounds. Hear solutions from a fighter pilot squadron leader, chief technical officer and a leadership consultant. Bring your tricky scenarios to the group for round-robin brainstorming. This will be a lively, solution oriented, and even humorous session.


Jennifer Greenberg, MBA

Jennifer Greenberg started bringing teams from point A to point B in her young adult years by literally bringing teams from point A to point B – on foot and by canoe. In between there were lakes to navigate and mountains to cross. Every day was a challenge, but she learned that by pulling together as a team they would reach the goal: the top of th mountain or the other end of that windswept lake.

After cutting her chops in the wilderness, she went on to direct and manage hundreds of teams and projects in a wide range of settings: education, non-profit development, corporate events, and program development. For the past half decade she has worked in rare disease drug development consulting, managing complex multi-stakeholder projects in industry and academia. She believes in bringing data and continuous improvement to drive team results.

Greenberg is also a leadership coach with a focus on leaders and their teams. Her strength is seeing things through a wide lens and balances the qualitative and quantitative; She believes that strong people skills need to be married to telling metrics. Learn more at


Andrew Greenberg, Chief Technical Officer, engineer.

Andrew is CTO of the TOVA Company, a small medical device company where he runs the development team that develops a test that measures attention, useful in diagnosing ADHD. He is also founder and a principal engineer of APDM, which he helped grow from 3 people to 30, and which was recently acquired by an enormously larger medical company. He also teaches electrical engineering at PSU, and helps run a group of 100+ students that build rockets, rocket engines, and now Oregon's first satellite. Although Andrew tries to avoid people as a general rule, he does agree that running successful teams is an art, and requires dedication, empathy, humor, and a bias for action.

Colonel Matthew Schuster

Matt is a retired Colonel and F-15 Pilot. He commanded organizations at the Flight, Squadron, Group and Wing level. During his 24 years in the Air Force he had the opportunity to lead teams ranging from 4 individuals to over 1200 airmen. He was also flight lead during combat missions in various theaters with 2 to 30 other aircraft under his leadership. After retiring he went to work for a number of start-up companies as a mathematics and machine learning consultant. While the small-team, flat organizational structure of start-ups is very different from the regimented structure of the military, the principles of good team leadership are the same.

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