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Friday, December 31, 2021 from 12:00 AM to 12:05 AM PST
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Three Ways To Virtually Manage Passive-Aggressive Behavior at Work Recorded on 12/01/2020

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More and more companies are required to work and meet virtually. Managing those who do not seem connected or engaged can be difficult at best. Managers and team leaders are beyond frustration about how to manage those who seem to be doing it right, yet the results are very, very different. Attend to pick up ways to re-engage and actually lead.

Passive-aggressive behaviors show up in a multiplicity of irritating ways; never showing up for meetings, showing up late, refusing to turn on their video, constantly disengaged. The results are even more frustrating; team members no longer trust one another, nor can they rely on one another. Work does not get accomplished and the leader of those teams is responsible for the outcomes.

In this webinar, we will cover what passive-aggressive behavior looks like and give you ways to actually take back your leadership. You will get a model of how to call out passive-aggressive behavior and how to back up what you say before you go into the sometimes precarious conversation with the passive-aggressive. You will learn how to protect yourself and your team. 

Passive-aggressive behavior is insidious and it will break up your teams if you don't put a stop to it. Isn't it time you managed it today?

[Key Take Away’s]

  • The top 12 passive-aggressive behaviors that employees exhibit in virtual environments

  • 3 things you can do right now to manage passive-aggressive behavior

  • 7 ways to mess it up, 7 more ways to clean it up 

  • 3 ways to prevent passive-aggressive behavior from happening in the future

  • And much, much more…


Presenter: Pamela Cournoyer, Helping Businesses Reinvent Themselves | Leadership Coach | Business Coach | Corporate Trainer | Speaker | Nationally and internationally recognized conflict management maven.

Pamela skillfully assists upper and middle management leaders to reclaim their disenchanted teams and workplaces through mastering mindset, boundary setting, advanced communication, and teaching conflict resolution skills that actually work. Pamela's familiarity with identifying predictable behaviors and redirecting the dysfunctional ones is outstanding. She teaches her clients how to get the results they want.

Pamela has been successfully coaching high-profile leaders for over 15-years.

She has recently joined the ranks of SCORE as a mentor and is loving every minute of it!  Please welcome Pamela Cournoyer.


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