Six month placements periods vary depending on readiness of groups of new candidates and availability of slots in the various courts in which this program operates.  Call 617-241-0300 to learn when the next round of placements will begin.

Participants attend the same courthouse on the same morning or afternoon each week for a six month period.  Which morning or afternon depends on the court to which a candidate is asigned.


A pre-placement orientation session will take place at MMS' training location at 40 Webster Place, Brookline, MA 02445.  Date to be announced.

The six month weekly placement will take place in a division of either the Bosotn Municipal Court or in a Boston area division of the District Court


Joshua Jacks, Director 
Metropolitan Mediation Services 
40 Webster Place 
Brookline, MA 02445

(617) 241-0300 

 MMS Program of

Supervised/Mentored Mediator Placement 

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Applicants to this Program of Supervised/Mentored Mediation Practice,  must have first completed a qualifying mediator training.  You can learn about mediator training offered by MMS by clicking the following link:

MMS Mediator Training Programs

Thank you for your interest in strengthening your mediation skills. Questions as you complete this application? Please call Director Joshua Jacks at (617) 241-0300.

What are M.M.S.' Supervised Mediation Opportunities?

Metropolitan Mediation Services (M.M.S.) offers opportunities for trained mediators to observe and conduct mediations under supervision. This unusual, and perhaps a unique opportunity is only for mediators who have completed qualified mediator training and received certificates of training.  (click here for information on MMS mediation training.)  Participants can also be mediators who already have experience, but want to further develop their skills through an organized program of regular supervised practice, observation, and feedback.  Participants in this program receive supervision in the context of volunteer placements at sites where we provide an experienced staff mediator/supervisor for a tuition that covers part of the cost of supervision. These volunteer supervised placements are in courts, mediating small claims disputes. These cases tend to be of low to medium complexity and offer a variety of challenges, subject matters, and personal and business relationships.  It is a very rich context in which mediators  learn to respond to a broad range of conflict dynamics.

What does it take to become a professional mediator?  Please read our
before applying to our training.

Supervised mediators will have the following experiences:

  • Observing cases mediated by the supervisor.
  • Co-mediating with the supervisor.
  • Observing cases mediated by fellow supervised mediators.
  • Co-mediating with fellow supervised mediators.
  • Receiving feedback from the supervisor and fellow supervised mediators.
  • The mediator(s) in each case receive feedback from observers at the end of each mediation or at the end of each mediation day.
  • If case referal rates allow and the mentor/supervisor judges a participant to be ready, participants may also mediate as a solo-mediator.

How Much Experience Does A Supervised Mediator Get?

Each placement involves a one half day per week commitment for six months. Mediations are offered each week on trial day. This generally provides a rich base of experience.  Though there are constant variations in the frequency of referrals the six month period generally provides a very rewarding experience.  In the unlikely eventuality that any supervised mediator, at the end of six months, has mediated or co-mediated fewer than 10 disputes (for reasons other than a supervised mediator’s failure to attend) that mediator will be provided extended opportunities.  

How Much Supervision Does Each Participant Receive?

Experienced, senior mediators staff each site to supervise participants. Supervisors act as coaches...

  • Initially demonstrating a small number of mediations while participants observe
  • Co-mediating with participants.
  • Observing cases co-mediated by participants and providing feedback.
  • Observing mediations mediated alone by participants and providing feedback.

When Is Supervision Available?

Placements periods begin once or twice a year. Dates of placements will be announced. A mandatory meeting will be held at a date to be announced for an initial program orientation, to assign admitted participants to their sites, and to introduce participants to Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution. Each placement runs for six months.

How Much is the Tuition?

Tuition for this six month program is $750.00. An application deposit of $100.00 is required with any application. Training and placement tuitions are an important part of the funding for Community Mediation at MMS.  However, we do not want an inability to pay to be a barrier.  If the tuition is obstacle, please call us to discuss options.  This application $100 application deposit is refundable under the following circumstances:

  • The fee will be refunded to any applicant who is not admitted to the program.
  • The fee will be refunded to any applicant who withdraws his or her application at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the placement period.

The remaining tuition of $650.00 is due prior to the first day of the placement.  If tuition is a barrier to attendance, please call to inquire about discounts/scholarships.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for the Program??

Any mediator who has successfully completed a mediation training of at least 30 hours may apply. Admissions are selective. 

  • If you received your prior mediator training from MMS, we will contact applicants if we need further information
  • If you received your prior mediator training from a source other than MMS, you must also submit the following 4 items before your application will be considered:
  1. A completed certification of training form linked here (only the training portion is required), and
  2. Your certificate of training issued at the time of the training, and
  3. The syllabus/agenda from your mediator training, and
  4. A resume/curriculum vitae if you have one.  If you do not have one, a written summary of your experience and interest.

Is English your Second Language?
Please review this link: Required English Language Skills before applying.

How Can I Apply for this Program?

To be considered, an applicant must complete the application (button below) along with an application deposit. Applications will be accepted as long as space remains available. However, admissions decisions may be made on a rolling basis and placements have often filled early. Click here for a brochure in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  If you have questions, use the email phone or address below.