Gaming Interest Group Meeting (10/27/22)


Thursday, October 27th 2022
10:00 - 11:00 am, EDT

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Meeting Information

The Numbers Game

The next Gaming Interest Group will be held online on Thursday, October 27th, at 10:00 am.

 The theme of this meeting is numbers. A lot of participants were curious about how to market or push interest for gaming programs, either to their patrons, or to their administration, so we'll be talking a bit more in detail about the options available to us when it comes to putting those numbers to use. Additionally, we'll also discuss our options available to us for a potential Gaming Workshop to showcase a few different games your patrons can enjoy with little effort!

Interest Group Facilitator:  Billy Camplin

Hey, my name is Billy Camplin! I do the hands on work at the Columbia County Public Library, from ILL requests to repairing the books. I also function as our resident nerd - overseeing, leading, writing, and running our high-energy, high-chaos D&D campaigns. I've been with the library system for only a handful of years, but I bring nearly two decades of Tabletop and game experience to any table I can set up at. From party style games, to deckbuilders, TCGs, and TTRPGs, there's a good chance I've played at least a game of it and an even better chance I've heard of it. Video games are no different.

 So when it comes to bringing games of all types to the library? Game On!