September 12, 2020 

Pacfic Time USA Live

9am to 12 noon and 1:30-4:30pm

or VIEW THE RECORDING of the seminar for up to 10 days after it finishes.

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The LIVE seminar will take place ONLINE WITH ZOOM. A link will be sent prior to the seminar. 
For everyone, including those only VIEWING THE RECORDING, a link will be sent after the seminar finishes, and will be available to view for 10 days.


Mindell Seminars
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 Arny and Amy Mindell   Arny and Amy

Amy and Arny have worked for and taught many organizations including the U.N..  They are often keynote speakers at international conferences on therapy, psychology, physics, business, organizational change and conflict work and have been on local and international radio and TV in many countries. Amy is and artist, singer-songwriter, author, and has developed Process Work in the areas of movement, supervision, coma, and creativity. Her newest book is “Your Unique Facilitator Style.” Arny is known for his development of moving from the "Dreambody" to "Process Work" (Process Oriented Psychology). He has written 23 books including Sitting in the Fire, The Deep Democracy of Open Forums, and his most recent book, The Leader's 2nd Training. 

Arny and Amy reside part of the year in Portland Oregon, where they have their private practices and give classes at the Processwork Institute together with many other colleagues. They live part of the year on the Oregon coast where they do residential seminars and watch whales. They are avid researchers, and love skiing, running and hiking.

Please see http://www.aamindell.net/test-page/ for more about them

Books — Amy and Arnold Mindell  




From Jung and Einstein to Dreambodywork, Relationships, and our World

with Amy and Arny Mindell

One Day Online Seminar - Or View as a Recording Later   

Timing: Saturday September 12th 9am-12noon 1:30-4:30pm (Pacific Time US)

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This 1 Day online workshop will present new, brief introductory talks, demonstrations, and experiential exercises. During the LIVE online seminar, there will also be times for questions and answers.

Processwork, developing from Taoism and Jungian Psychology, became a wide spectrum psycho-physical approach to dreams and physical signal experiences behind  everyday life.


Like Taoism, Processwork FLOWS with our AMAZING HIDDEN and APPARENT Individual, Group + World Processes.   Processwork, or Process Oriented Psychology, is now taught in many cities around the world. 

In this 1 day, on-line seminar, Amy and Arny will discuss and reveal the basis of "Processwork" and show its application and connection to Dreambodywork, Coma + Near Death Work, Inner + Movement work, Relationship, Organization + Large group "Worldwork".

-->Expect this 1 Day seminar to renew your appreciation, excitement, and ability  to work with Life's Problems and Our World's Future 



Contact details : Jai Tomlin at processfacilitation@yahoo.com

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