Alice Chalmers 
Future Harvest CASA 


Monday August 15, 2011 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT

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Sunnyside Farm 
1865 York Road
Dover, PA 17315

Driving Directions 

Transforming Environmental Innovation into Profitable Business 

Sunnyside Farm, Dover, PA 

Dru Peters and Homer Walden run a diversified farming operation of vegetables, poultry, beef, and pork on 13 acres in Newberry Township.

Their stated goal is to become fossil fuel independent- the next step toward that goal is the installation of solar panels.

Farm owners Dru Peters and Homer Walden use rotational grazing techniques to ensure the health and safety of their animals.  All meat is sold in advance and Homer butchers all of the poultry on the farm.  A local butcher slaughters the beef and pork.   They sell their vegetables through their CSA and at area farmers’ markets.

Enjoy a tour of the farm with Homer Walden and see all of the innovative designs that support the farm's operation:

  •   Zero use of pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides
  •   Managing the whole farm without a tractor
  •   Using uniquely designed mobile poultry and pig pens that keep the animals moving    over fresh grass
  •   A windmill that helps to power the poultry butchering operation, and
  •  The production of an acre of vegetables without a rototiller. 

Dru Peters will lead a discussion of the farm’s sustainable practices, which include:

  • Un-mowed pasture that supports a thriving bee population for the honey that the farm produces and the pollination of their open pollinated, heirloom variety vegetables
  • The importance of controlling business costs and investments, and making sure the farming operation is there for the long term
  • Becoming the first poultry farm to be Food Alliance certified

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