Friday, May 25, 2018 at 3:00 PM EDT
Sunday, May 27, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT

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Camp Kulaqua 
23400 NW 212th Avenue
High Springs, FL 32643

Driving Directions 


Cheryl Roda-Wu 
Florida Conference Pathfinder & Adventurer Department 
407-644-5000 x2426 


Red Zone 2018 

Red Zone is a chance to play together, worship God together, participate with one another, and be together to celebrate all that God has helped young people to accomplish this year. Red Zone is the year end activity that celebrates a years’ worth of Adventurers & Pathfinders Club Ministries.

I Am Loved ... by the Good Father

- The registration fee is $9.00/person through May 10, 2018.
- Starting May 11th, the fee will be $11.00/person.
- For Red Zone 2018 registration & payments, click on the button below, or here:
Red Zone 2018 Registration

- Full payment is expected prior to attending Red Zone when registering online. If full payment is not received prior to attending, the on-site price of $11.00/person will be charged.
- Fees are not refundable, but are transferable to another person/club attending the event. Registrants/Clubs are responsible for finding replacements.

Plan to arrive at Camp Kulaqua on Friday, May 25, and check-in between 3-7pm (no one will be allowed to enter camp until 3pm). Tent campers, please plan to have your camping areas set up before the Sabbath hours.

Camp Kulaqua offers plenty of tent camping spaces. Clubs will camp by areas (North, Central, South, West). The campsite size for each club will be determined by the number of paid registrants tenting.

- Camp Kulaqua will allow the clubs staying in a Mini-Lodge or a Rustic Cabin to cook IN FRONT of their housing. **Note: DO NOT COOK ON THE PORCH OR INSIDE YOUR BUILDING
Red Zone 2018 Housing

- This is a paid event. Any visitor coming for a few hours will need to check in at the main gate with security.
Pre-Registered cost is $4.00/person - NO OVERNIGHT STAY. We encourage you to PREPAY.
- To pre-register, click here:  Day Visitors - Red Zone 2018

- We will KEEP your Driver's License at the gate until after Sabbath, when you pay.
- In order to enter, a designated adult from the club they are visiting will need to meet the guest at the gate, to verify that they are with their club. The guest will sign in and be allowed to enter.
-The walk-in cost is $5.00/person - NO OVERNIGHT STAY.
- Guests should sign out when they leave, and pick-up their Driver's License.

- Please plan to park in long-term parking for the weekend (by 10pm on Friday night). This is the ONLY way you will be able to use your vehicle during the weekend. No vehicles will be allowed to drive around camp from 10pm Friday to 9am Sunday.
- Each club will be allowed to have ONLY ONE vehicle parked in their designated camping area. All other vehicles should be parked in long-term parking. Each club will receive ONE parking pass, which must be posted on the vehicle in the campsite.
- Please respect our volunteer security staff, and do what they ask you to do. This is for the safety and best interest of all our guests.

- Only tent camping is available for clubs staying an extra night (Sunday, May 27). Cost is $5.00/person.
- Register for Sunday Night Camping here:  Sunday Night Camping - May 27, 2018

All adults attending Red Zone and staying overnight must be Verified Volunteers screened (or show proof of a current STV background check). It is required that all staff, parents, and adult volunteers complete the Verified Volunteers training and background check at:
www.ncsrisk.org/adventist    English Instructions  |  Spanish Instructions )

BACKGROUND CHECKLIST   **Important Information**
Send in your completed Red Zone 2018 Background Checklist with a list of adults staying overnight with your club. Make sure that all adults (18+ year old) are listed, along with the Verified Volunteers Completed Date, or Shield the Vulnerable Expiration Date. Download the Red Zone 2018 Background Checklist Form

If you plan to have your child miss school on Friday due to travel, click here:  Absence from School Request

Red Zone 2018 Pins are available to pre-order. Cost is $2.50 each, when pre-ordered and paid in full by Sunday, May 6. Limited quantities will be available on-site, at $3.00 each.  Order here:  Red Zone 2018 Pins

Red Zone 2018 T-Shirts are available to pre-order, sizes Youth Small to Adult 4XL. The cost is $8.00 each, when pre-ordered online, and paid in full. Limited quantities will be available on-site, at $9.00 each (extra charge for 2XL-4XL). Order here:  Red Zone 2018 T-Shirt Orders

Here is a list of hotels within 20-30 miles from camp:  Hotels Near Camp Kulaqua

- Camp Kulaqua will be offering meals in their cafeteria during Red Zone
Camp Kulaqua Meal Request Form - Red Zone 2018

Please do not bring any bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc.  /  NO pets are allowed.

No personal golf carts are permitted. Limited golf carts are available for rent, with proof of medical condition (doctor's note). All drivers must be at least 21 yrs old, and have a valid driver's license. Medical golf carts may be reserved by sending in an original doctor's note to our office. We will then send an invoice for the rental fee.

The Camp Zoo will be open on Sabbath afternoon as part of the afternoon activities (No Charge).

     Friday - 10am to 7pm
     Sabbath Evening - 9pm to 10:30pm
     Sunday - 10am to 3pm
Camp Kulaqua Store:  (386) 454-7956

River Ranch Water Park

- This event is exclusive to RZ attendees & their guests.
- The Water Park is open on Sunday, May 27, 2018, from 12:30pm to 7:30pm.
- Cost is $11 per person until May 10, 2018.  This is an entrance fee, even if an attendee will not swim.
- Cost after May 10, is $15 per person.
- Adventurers will be given the park from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.
- Pathfinders can enter the park at 2:30pm, after the Pathfinders awards ceremony.
- Attendees that have pre-paid online will not have to wait in line at the water park entrance.  They will receive their Water Park wristbands when checking in for Red Zone. 

Order River Ranch Water Park Tickets

Pathfinder Skills Event

- The Pathfinder Skills Events emphasizes the teachings of Pathfinders. For detailed information, see the
PSE Red Zone 2018 Info Packet  
- Registration for the Bible Books and the Honors tests will be located outside of Gym Rooms #1 and #2, on Sunday, May 27, 2018, beginning at 7:45am.
- The Book of the Bible tests will be in Gym Room #1, while the Honors tests will be in Gym Room #2.
- The tests are timed, and are 50 minutes long.  No one will be allowed to enter the testing area until the entire test time has expired.
- Both eTrackers and Varsity will test at the same time.
- Tests will be administered at three (3) different times throughout the day: 
  Test Time #1 will begin at 8:00am.  Test Time #2 will begin at 9:00am.  Test Time #3 will begin at 10:00am.

Click on the underlined Red Zone 2018 Pathfinder Skills Events below to register for the event:

            Honors & Bible Books               Knots' Relay Event                 Tent Evaluation

                                   Archery Skills Event                    Lashing Evaluation


- Exhibits will be in the Gym Rooms, and will be open to all from 2:00-5:00pm on Sabbath.
- The exhibit rooms will be open for setup on Friday, 4:00-7:00pm, and on Sabbath, from 6:00-9:00am.
- This year, we will have a contest to see which clubs have the best exhibits.  The winners will be showcased in the Pathfinder and Adventurer newsletter.

Register Your Exhibit

Drill Team Events

Drill Teams will be competing SATURDAY NIGHT ONLY.  The Pathfinder Uniform is required.  There will be a dress uniform inspection. 

Register for Drill Team Event - Precision / Freestyle

Drill Information:  Florida Pathfinder Staff Handbook, Section D - Precision/Freestyle Drill Policies 
Questions? Contact:  Alex Flores, Drill Program Director - a0flores at gmail.com

Drum Corps Event            

- Sunday morning, Junior Drum Corps will perform first, beginning at 8:00am, followed by the advanced teams.
- Drummers need to arrive in a timely manner, to be able to complete both the dress uniform inspection and the drum competition.  Pathfinder Class B uniform is required.
Questions?  Contact:  Darrell Edwards

Wristbands Information

- Wristbands will be given to each club, according to the number of paid attendees. All attendees must wear a wristband, or they will be escorted to their club to resolve the issue. There will be specific wristbands for Pathfinders, for Adventurers, for Staff, for Parents, and for Day Visitors.
- Each club will also be given 2 (two) "SPECIAL" wristbands - one for the Director and another for an Assigned Staff. Day visitors must be met at the gate by one of the 'SPECIAL' wristbanded persons from their club/church. Sabbath Day Visitors will be given a Saturday wristband, upon being met, signed in, and verified by a 'SPECIAL' wristbanded person from their club.
- Sunday Visitors will be given a specific wristband, as well, and must be met, signed in, and verified by a 'SPECIAL' wristbanded person from their club.
- If any wristbands are lost, the person with a 'SPECIAL' wristband must accompany the 'lost wristband person' to get a replacement wristband (in the A-Frame).
- ALL attendees must wear their wristband for the duration of the Red Zone event.

Bug Races

- Bring your bugs READY TO RACE on Sunday.  They can weigh up to 3 oz., and will be weighed before racing.  All racers from a club must be present before the club races.  Adventurers within each club will race each other, for a boy and girl club winner.  Club winners will then race each other (names will be drawn to determine who races each other).  The final 3 boys & 3 girls will race during the Awards Ceremony for a flashing light scooter.  Bug kits can be ordered from S&S Worldwide:  EduCraft Bugs on Wheels Craft Kit

Rain Gutter Regatta Races
We will be having our 3rd Annual Rain Gutter Regatta Races.  The items to make your boats will be available for Adventurers to build with - swim noodles, craft sticks, bamboo skewers, paper, etc.

Adventurer Camping Policy
In order to protect children & staff, the following Adventurer guidelines are to be adhered to.  
NADYM Adventurer Camping Policy

Food Vendor Information

- Clubs must apply to become an official food vendor for Red Zone
- The food vendor fee is $25.00
- The total number of vendors is limited to 12 (registered & paid)

Register To Be A Food Vendor at Red Zone 2018