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Wednesday November 23, 2011 from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM GMT

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Webinar: 360 Degree Employee Surveys - how your organisation can benefit, principles and practice 

In this free webinar, Shine Feedback in association with Snap Surveys will be looking at the positive impact individual 360 degree feedback can have on an organisation.

Shine Feedback provide research into what employees and customers think, feel and do. They work for private and public sector clients including London Underground, Christies, Sky and Lloyds Register. Snap Surveys is a leading provider of survey software and service solutions to customers in the UK, Europe and US.

360 degree feedback is an effective and accurate way of assessing the behavioural impact of leaders, managers and staff in the areas of Leadership, Management, Consulting, Teamwork, Sales and Project Management skills and behaviours.

360 degree feedback enables an organisation to understand the behavioural impact of employees who manage or influence others, and identifies strengths and areas for development that can improve organisational performance and results.

360 degree feedback provides individuals with greater self awareness, seeing how others view them and the impact their behaviour has on the people they work with. This can have a significant impact on the way individuals are perceived, valued and rewarded.

The presentation on 23 November 2011 will start at 15:00 UK / 16:00 Europe / 10:00 US Eastern and last for 35 minutes,  there will be 10 minutes for Q&A's at the end.

Graham Da Costa Shine FeedbackGraham Da Costa, Director at Shine Feedback will introduce 360 degree feedback surveys and explain how individuals and organisations can benefit from individual feedback.

Using the new Shine Feedback / Snap Surveys online survey product, Graham will then take delegates through the principles of setting up and managing a 360 degree survey.  He will offer tips on getting feedback and how to use the information gathered to benefit the individual and the organisation.

Setting-up a 360 degree survey

A run through of the key steps in setting up an online 360 assessment for one individual, including best practice hints and tips such as;

  • Clarifying your objectives 
  • Selecting and briefing respondents
  • Creating your assessment
  • Setting realistic timescales 
  • Getting sufficient feedback

Interpreting and creating actions based on the 360 degree report

  • Common reactions to feedback
  • Reading the report
  • The strengths / limitations dynamic
  • Spotting themes and patterns
  • Your priorities
  • What next?

Q & A

At the end of this webinar you will have a good understanding of the principles of setting up and managing the results of 360 degree feedback surveys, and how 360 degree feedback can benefit individuals and organisations.  

Once you have registered you will receive confirmation and a link 1 week prior to the webinar.