Certified Cursive Coach Training


Saturday January 23, 2016
from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM EST

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Registration is open now through January 13th, 2016 for this event.  That will allow us to make sure your materials reach you in time for this course.

Registration closes

Jan 13, 2016

Online Course is held Saturday, January 23rd, 2016


This is an online event. 


Contact Person:

Technical Support: Val Weil 
Certified Cursive Coach Training 

What to Expect

Iris Hatfield Professional Handwriting Instructor, Iris Hatfield, (Creator of the "New American Cursive Penmanship Program")  will conduct the online class.  

She will demonstrate for you "live" and online each phase of the handwriting learning process the child or adult should go through.  You will be encouraged to participate, practice and have the ability to interact in this virtual classroom

We will connect with each other for this live online event using Zoom Cloud Video-Conferencing Services.  This is a free downloadable program that will enable you to view, review, see other participants as well as the instructor's presentation.

This interactive course requires you to email your completed exam in order to receive your certification.   Once your course material is completed to our satisfaction, your Certified Cursive Coach certificate will be emailed to you.

All of the materials included in this course are yours, and additional supplies are always available at Iris's website.  (http://www.NewAmericanCursive.com)

National Handwriting Day,
January 23rd.
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Certified Cursive Coach Training, Online 

This program presents easy, effective ways to teach this important life skill to all ages.

Course Description

This three and one half hour interactive,  online course is designed to allow you to practice as a student so you can experience what your student will need to know:

  • Proper pen grip
  • Proper paper orientation
  • Why posture is important during the learning process
  • Learning from a left-hander's perspective
  • Margins, line spacing, word spacing, and letter spacing.
  • Direction of letter movements for flow, speed, and accuracy of letter formations.
  • Letter forms and connective movements.
  • and much more!
We send you the materials you need for this course.  They are included in the registration fee of $70.00.  Instruction, plus the selected materials, & shipping to continental United States locations.  (Additional costs will be incurred for overseas shipments for participants outside of the United States.)  

You select your workbooks!

You select your teaching materials when you register.  This cursive training will be for teaching all ages, but you will get to choose your age range workbooks.  

Please select your workbook options: 
  • Option A:  For teaching Younger students:  K- 4th grade (Workbooks 1 & 2)
  • Option B:  For teaching Older students , 5th grade-Adult. (Workbook "Teach Yourself Cursive")
Additional copies of the workbooks are available at New American Cursive

Register now to allow time for your materials to arrive before the online class

All participants will receive:

  • the student workbooks, as selected
  • additional teaching guides,
  • a laminated desk-strip of the cursive alphabet,
  • pencil and more.

The course instruction fee includes all of the above material supplies, plus the online class visual instruction, and certification for proper completion.

  • We will send out your "kit" of materials (as described above), information, and supplies to all US Contintent participants.  (Those participants residing outside of the U.S., we will need to contact you for shipping information and options.)  
  • You will be emailed the information on how to set up your Zoom connection.  Our techical support expert, Valerie Weil, will be available to assist you personally, one-on-one if you wish to practice using this service.  (It's like a high-tech Face to Face service, and really easy to use.)
  • Before the event, Val will contact you to make sure everything arrived and that you were able to set up your free Zoom service.  The link to our online course conference room will be emailed to you in advance, and Val will be available to assist you through out.
  • We will record this session, so that you can playback a video for review as often as you like.

We connect using Zoom.us Cloud Meeting Services, which is FREE to you!

Zoom is a very easy program to use, and will allow all of us to see and be seen, talk and listen to each other.  We selected this service, because, unlike other conference services, we feel that interaction is the best way to learn!  And, because you can create your own Zoom account at no cost to you.  It's an awesome service.

 Complete instructions will come to your email shortly after you register. And, our Technical Advisor, Valerie Weil, will be available to help you personally.

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