Tuesday, November 7, 2023 from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM MST
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Mollie Gardner 

Forward-Facing ME 7-Week Group 


Forward-Facing ME is a 7-week interactive group process designed to help the participants gain skills to live more effectively.  The developers of this group have amassed a significant amount of research supporting the effectiveness of utilizing these skills to lessen the negative effects of stress in psychotherapeutic practice.

Learn more about FFME HERE.

This group will meet weekly from November 7th to December 19th.

Below is the meeting start time for each time zone.

8:30 AM PT l 9:30 AM AZ l 9:30 AM MT l 10:30 AM CT l 11:30 AM ET

Forward-Facing ME is an interactive group process designed to help the participants gain skills   to live more effectively.  The developers of this group have amassed a significant amount of research supporting the effectiveness of utilizing these skills to lessen the negative effects of stress in psychotherapeutic practice.  While we expect that participants from this group may receive some of these benefits leading to the lessening of stress and stress-related issues, it is important that you know:  THIS GROUP IS NOT PSYCHOTHERAPY.  Psychotherapy involves a trained, licensed professional diagnosing and treating an identified disease by implementing a series of evidence-based interventions.

This group, conversely, is an attempt to provide the participants with a set of self-help tools to (a) regulate their own autonomic nervous system and (b) begin to live an intentional life.  People who have successfully engaged in these skills have reported a myriad of benefits after their continued practice of these skills that include lessened stress symptoms, reduction in distress, greater clarity of thought, increased ability to function in high-demand situations, more satisfying relationships as well as the ability to become and remain intentional with their behavior.

Forward-FacingŪ ME was born from Forward-FacingŪ Trauma Therapy: Healing the Moral Wound, a book published in 2016 by Dr. Gentry.  FFTT has demonstrated effectiveness as an adjunct to psychotherapy for those diagnosed with PTSD and other anxiety-related disorders.  Forward-Facing ME offers the same components of psychoeducation and skills development found in FFTT delivered during this group in a self-help model.  We offer no claims of effectiveness for any individual participant.

This group should not be viewed as or utilized for treatment with any diagnosed mental disorder–even though some participants who might have those diagnoses may enjoy some benefit from this group.  If you are suffering from PTSD or another mental health disorder, please reach out to FFI before registering for the group

However, we encourage you to seek professional assistance and support in addition to your practice of these skills.  Once again, this group is not psychotherapy and should not be viewed as a substitute for professional psychotherapy by a licensed clinician for those suffering with a mental, emotional, psychological, or behavioral disorder.

This group is interactive and relational.  You will be invited to engage with other participants and share weekly your REAL TIME (not past) success and struggles with self-regulation and intentionality.  One of the primary purposes of this group is to provide you with skills to help you gain traction in implementing and maintaining these changes.

If, at any time during the group sessions, you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed by the group, please take a break.  Reach out to your support network to talk about what you are experiencing.  If the distress dissipates, you are welcome to return and engage at the level that is comfortable. If the distress does not dissipate after a break and utilizing your resources, please reach out to a (mental) health professional, crisis unit or, in cases of emergency, please call 911 for immediate and emergency services.

Potential Benefits.  The benefits others have reported and that may occur for you from engaging and practicing Forward-FacingŪ skills include the following:

  • Less stress
  • Comfort in your body
  • Improved outlook
  • Joy
  • Self-compassion
  • Optimization in many areas of life
  • Greater sense of well-being
  • Greater sense of worth and purpose
  • Increased cognitive acuity and clearer thinking
  • Better relational capacity
  • More resilient
  • Ability to become intentional instead of reactive

Potential Risks.  The risks associated with participating in this group are minimal.  However, anytime you engage in self-evaluation, review of your past, and participate with others who have painful past histories there is the potential to experience unpleasant emotions.  You may become “triggered” as a result of the material.  Fear, sadness, discomfort, and distress are potential experiences throughout the group.  If any of these feelings become too great for you to manage, please reach out for assistance from your support system, a mental health professional, a crisis specialist/unit, your primary care provider or emergency medical assistance.



Forward-Facing ME is first and foremost a relational experience, and so for the safety and wellbeing of the group we have strict policies around attendance.


Only one absence is allowed, and it may not be the first meeting.

If you miss the first meeting, you will not be able to start the group

The reason for the absence is not taken into consideration.

If you have two absences, you may continue attending but will not get a certificate of completion.

We do not record meetings

Timeliness: The group begins and ends on time. It is up to facilitators’ discretion whether or not to admit participants who are more than 5 minutes late. After 10 minutes, the room will be permanently closed. Anyone who is not present at that time is considered absent.

Attention: Please do your best to join via computer (not phone). Videos are to be always on. Your facilitator will describe how we create an atmosphere of attunement and attention. To create that environment, we ask you to abstain from distractions such as checking notifications, playing phone/computer games, smoking, vaping, or alcohol consumption. We recommend headphones if your space includes other people. If there is an occasion where you are stuck in traffic, etc, you may join via phone for the first few minutes, but please be sure to switch to computer as soon as you can (the facilitator will let you in).

Confidentiality:  Please attenuate your sharing to a level that you feel comfortable sharing. We ask that you keep sharing from other participants confidential (what you see here and what you hear here when you leave here let it stay here).

Indemnification: Participants will indemnify Forward-Facing Institute, LLC, its employees and contractors against losses and liabilities from any claims, damages, or lawsuits (including attorney’s fees) arising out of Forward-FacingŪ ME.

Influence: I commit to not be under the influence of any substance during the group, and that my facilitator may ask me to leave if they believe I am under the influence.

Refunds: If you cancel your registration seven (7) days in advance of the date of the group your registration fee will be refunded, less a $25 processing fee. There are no refunds for cancellations received less than seven days before.

Sharing: No one is compelled to share, but if you are intending to use this group as part of the certification process, then weekly sharing is expected.

Crosstalk/Group Dynamics: Cross-talk is defined as giving advice or feedback to someone after they share their story. We create a safe experience by not allowing cross-talk so you don’t feel as if you have to monitor what your share or respond to well-meaning advice.

We reserve the right to terminate the a participant’s membership in the group at any time if we discern the group is not a good fit.