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Tuesday, September 19, 2017 from 8:45 AM to 12:00 PM 
Workshop - The Brilliant Brand:

How to Cut Through the Marketing Noise
"Beat Your Competition and Grow Your Business."

An in-depth introduction to branding for small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs, full of ready-to-apply takeaways.

Branding is often misunderstood in the small business world and regarded as something that only the big companies can afford. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is, most small businesses fail because they don’t have a strong brand (or don’t have a brand at all). Branding is more important than ever but now that consumers are both marketing-savvy and in control of the relationship, what constitutes effective branding has changed.

No matter where you are in the life of your small business, and whether you have heard about branding but don’t quite get it or think your business doesn’t need branding, this workshop is for you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding what branding really is and what it can do for a small business
  • Changing mentality: from running a business to being a brand
  • Taking the first steps towards building your brilliant brand.
  • What is branding, really?
  • Dispelling some myths about branding
  • Not just for the big companies: What branding can do for small businesses
  • Good and poor examples of branding
  • The “costs” of not having a brand
  • What are you really selling?
  • The defining traits of a brilliant brand
  • Changing your mindset to become a brilliant brand
  • Branding as a continuous “co-production”
  • What does storytelling have to do with branding?
  • Get to work: Steps to building your own brilliant brand

The workshop will be very interactive, with participants being encouraged to ask questions every step of the way and bring their own specific situation into the conversation. The second half of the workshop will be hands-on, as participants will be led through activities that will get them to start building their brand.

 Presenter: Valeria Basso is a Brand Experience Architect and owner of Symphonic Communications  Consulting. With the mission of helping small businesses fulfill their potential, Valeria works with visionary  companies that want to build an ever larger, loyal customer base and grow their sales while making a positive  impact in their world.  Valeria’s work sits at the intersection between marketing strategy, consumer and media  psychology, and storytelling.

Prior to founding Symphonic Communications, Valeria worked for seven years in marketing, branding, and public relations for companies of different kinds, from corporations like Paramount Pictures to family-owned businesses, both in the United States and Italy. 

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