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Monday, May 15, 2017 from 8:45 to 12:00 PM  

 Workshop - Eleven Ways to Lead Like a Professional

Being an entrepreneur often means you like to march to the beat of your own drum… you’re independent and used to doing it all on your own.  So how do you transition into the role of a leader when you have a team working with you?

This seminar explores the leadership and management challenges associated with starting and running a business. 

Leadership styles, successful characteristics and common pitfalls are covered, in addition to self-management topics such as time management and work-life balance- all from the perspective of an entrepreneur. 

1.  Build leadership development skills for entrepreneurs- people used to running the show on their own.
2. Transitioning from a “solopreneur” to an effective leader.

3. Understand how and when to use different leadership approaches within the context of each unique employee and task               interaction.
4. Learn what “not to do” through the delving into common pitfalls that  entrepreneurs make within the realm of leadership.
5. Assessing current leadership skills and identifying areas of strength and opportunity.

1. Understand the characteristics of successful leaders and how positive leadership approaches can impact an entrepreneur’s         results.

2. Learn about the Situational Leadership model and its four styles of leadership; learn when each style is relevant to apply in an     entrepreneurial setting.
3. Complete a Leadership Self-Assessment to gain clarity on areas of personal focus.
4. Gain awareness about the selection and onboarding process of new employees.
5.  Explore the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make as new managers- and how to prevent them.
6.  Review the difference between delegation and micromanagement (you like to take a hands-on approach, so where do you            draw the line?).
7.  Understand the impact of how you need to best spend your time as you grow your business.
8. Learn how to work towards a balanced lifestyle in a world where work never shuts off.
9. Create a personal leadership development action plan before leaving the workshop, with an emphasis on specific, measurable     steps. 

Presenter: Jodi Wellman is a leadership coach and consultant with 17 years of corporate experience spanning executive roles in operations, sales and customer retention. As a Chair at Vistage International, Jodi leads a private CEO advisory board and coaches executives to improve bottom-line results, execution and leadership performance.

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