500 W. Madison St., Suite 1150 Chicago, IL 60661 

Friday, January 5, 2018 from 8:45-to 12:00 PM

Getting Started  with Microsoft Excel Formulas

In this hands-on, beginner-level workshop you will learn, through patient and professional hands-on interactive training and exercises, how to use Microsoft Excel to perform essential functions for running a successful business.

Over one billion people use Microsoft Office, and 50,000 new small business users join these ranks every month. Running a business today requires knowledge of this ubiquitous software suite's core programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Even if your company is not one of the 90% who use Microsoft Office internally, your clients may want to share workbook or database files with you, and vice versa.

Microsoft Excel is typically used for creating spreadsheets and databases. Working with Excel formulas is not only valuable for running a business, it’s essential knowledge.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create simple worksheets from scratch

  • Perform common numerical calculations

  • Write formulas required to perform calculations

To participate, bring your own PC laptop, with its battery charged, and with Excel loaded. The material presented in this workshop is the same for any version of Excel from 97 through 2016 and 365.

Workshop Agenda:

  1. Fundamentals: Book, Worksheet, Row, Column, Cell, etc.
  2. The three kinds of information that can go into a cell
  3. Calculating like a calculator: simple math
  4. Formula Precedence
  5. Simple, common functions: SUM (and AutoSum), AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT
  6. The Fill Handle
  7. Relative and Absolute References
  8. Formula Auditing
  9. Creating a spreadsheet from scratch

10.  Final Exercise (try out your new skills and get help on the spot for any issues)

Presenter: Rob Mendell is a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor for Microsoft Office, and has taught over 1,000 classes to beginners through experienced users. He works extensively in Excel for clients in a variety of industries, including legal, economics, data, and healthcare.

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Registration Fee $50.00