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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Businesses

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5 Steps to Cyber Security for Businesses                                         

Cybercrime is a hot topic. American businesses are now considered the hottest targets for Cyber Criminals worldwide who often focus on smaller businesses because they are most vulnerable and willing to pay a ransom. Small and mid-size businesses hit by cybercrime lose an average of $80,000; and this does not count the damage to sales and business reputation. Ransomware is only one of many cyber threats.  Small and mid-size businesses are often most at risk, and have the most to lose. Better Business Bureau teamed with National Cyber Security Alliance and National Institute for Standards & Technology to help businesses create a plan to deal with cybersecurity. The 5 Steps to Cybersecurity is a scaleable program that any size company can use to create an individualized cybersecurity program.

Presenter:  Michael Bruening is a Senior Advisor at Better Business Bureau (BBB) Chicago and Northern Illinois. Through his experiences as a business owner, corporate executive, and BBB Board of Directors member; he can speak with authority on business issues, as well as consumer-related concerns. These include: cybersecurity, cybercrimes, scams and frauds.  As a U.S. Air Force veteran, he leads the Military-Veterans Initiative of the BBB’s Educational Foundation that works with active duty personnel, veterans, and their families. Mike has been associated with the BBB for more than 19 years.

Why Ransomware Attacks on Small Businesses Matter

In this presentation the following topics will be discussed: Recent Ransomware Trends, Review of Recent Ransomware Attacks, Anatomy of Ransomware Attacks, and the Negative Impact of Ransomware Attacks, Practical Preventative Strategies. There will be a discussion of whether to pay the ransom or not.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the growing dangers and trend of ransomware on the small business sector, learn about preventative strategies to prevent, protect, and recover from a ransomware attack, and know how to position the small business to face the decision of whether to pay or not when the business is affected by a ransomware attack.  

Presenter: Cyrus Walker is the Managing Principal of Data Defenders, LLC a Cybersecurity Advisory Services firm based in Chicago. He is an internationally recognized and published expert on electronic voting security and is an experienced cybersecurity industry executive with a diverse technology background. Cyrus served as a subject matter expert (SME) on Cyber Terrorism and Computer Incident Response Management for the Cyber Defense Analysis Center at the University of Arkansas, funded and directed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security where he has trained over 5000 federal, state and, local law enforcement professionals from various agencies across the U.S. Cyrus spent 6 years serving as the department chair and adjunct professor of Computer Security and Computer Forensics at Wilbur Wright College—a City Colleges of Chicago. He has been a regular contributor on CNN, FOX, Bloomberg, ABC, and CBS networks on cybersecurity and terrorism related events.

Data Breach from a Legal Perspective

This presentation will discuss data breach response from a legal perspective, as well as laws and regulations concerning privacy and cybersecurity that businesses should be aware of. In addition, considerations will be explored surrounding cyber-insurance products.


-Become aware of data privacy and security laws and regulations that may be applicable to your business.  

-Consider whether cyber-insurance is right for your business, and key provisions to look out for.

-Know what to do before, during and after a data breach, from a legal perspective, to protect your company’s reputation and ensure compliance with applicable law. 

Presenter: John Ochoa is a Partner with SmithAmundsun law firm. As a member of the Data Privacy, Security & Litigation Group, John advises companies on best practices for protecting their customers’ and employees’ personal information and for responding to a suspected data breach.  In addition, he is  a member of the Class Action Practice Group, and has significant experience litigating claims involving the use of emerging technology, such as mobile applications and cloud-based services.

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